How to Prepare for Your LSAT Law School Admissions Test
Halt | July 3, 2018 | 0 Comments

How to Prepare for the LSAT – Law School Admissions Test

Preparing for the Law School Admissions Test can be a pretty daunting task, and preparing is more than half the battle.  Below are some tips to make the challenge easier.  

What Does LSAT Stand For?

LSAT stands for Law School Admission Test and it’s a standard part of the law school admission process required for aspiring law undergraduate students in the United States. In order to get into law school, you will need to complete a college undergraduate degree. However, your degree does not necessarily have to be related to law studies. Your undergraduate major can be philosophy, literature or anything else.

LSAT Prep Materials

One thing you’ll definitely need is the right LSAT test prep materials.  Test preparation is always important and even more so when it comes to the Law School Admissions Text.  The LSAT is administered by the Law School Admission Council or LSAC. When you take the LSAT you’ll be examined for reading comprehension, verbal and logical reasoning knowledge and competencies.  Other parts of the law school admission process also include GPA, a personal statement, and letters of recommendation.

When Can You Take the LSAT?

You have four times a year to take the LSAT.  You can take the test in February, June, September or October, and December.  Early registration is recommended since there are a limited number of seats available for each day.  It is also advised to take the exam as early as possible; just in case you need to retake the test.  You’ll have time to do so. Another thing to remember is that if you happen to be more than 100 miles from a certified testing center. You can send a special request to the LSAC and take the test at a special site.

Important Things to Know About the LSAT

One more important thing to know is that you can only take the LSAT three times over a two-year period.  The actual time allotted to take the test is three and a half hours.  The testing fee is around $175. Depending on which law school you are applying to, the weight of your LSAT score will differ from school to school.  But keep in mind that the majority of law schools in the U.S.impose a greater importance on your LSAT than your GPA. 

Pro Tip: Getting assignments out the way with the help of an essay writer will leave more time to prepare for the admission test. You can work on the individual areas of the test and not have to worry about overdue coursework.

There are five parts to the LSAT.  

  1. Reading Comprehension
  2. Analytical Reasoning
  3. Logical Reasoning
  4. Unscored Variable Section
  5. Essays

Reading Comprehension

  • 27 questions-35 minutes

Analytical Reasoning

  • 25 questions-35 minutes

Logical Reasoning

  • 2 sections 25 questions each and 35 minutes each

Unscored Variable Section

  • 35 minutes to finish

Essay Section

  • 35 minutes to complete

You’ve made the important decision to attempt getting into law school and now it’s time to study.  So remember to bear down and stay focused. The LSAT is one of the hardest tests you’ll ever take in your entire life.  However, with a lot of sacrifices and focus you’ll be able to pass with flying colors.

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