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How to Learn Law Without Going To Law School

How to learn law without going to law school? For many, learning law without going to law school is a foreign concept.  The common belief is that you must attend law school in order to become an expert in anything to do with law. But can you learn law without having to pursue higher education schools? Use the internet! There are countless resources out there!

Perhaps you want to learn the law at home and train to become a lawyer, or you simply want to learn law as a hobby. Maybe you are in the middle of a lawsuit and you need to learn the law to represent yourself at a hearing or trial.

Is it possible? Can you get a deep understanding of the law without going to law school? Moreover, can you become a lawyer if you learn the law by yourself? We’ll discuss everything in this article.

Can You Learn Law Without Law School?


The short answer is yes, you can learn law without law school.

Today, we have access to an array of resources that allow us to learn more about different domains, including the law. It’s easy to find information on laws in different fields, whether it’s family law, personal injury law, wrongful death, or others.

There are different books, Youtube videos, law blogs, and online courses that can do wonders when it comes to teaching you about the law.

We spoke to Alistair Vigier of ClearwayLaw for a few tips on how to learn about law online: “You should check out LegalEagle on Youtube, he’s a trial lawyer that teaches people about the law. You can also search for Law By Mike.”

Can You Become a Lawyer If You’re Self-Taught?

Law School

Although you can learn the law without law school and become a self-taught lawyer, you will not be able to qualify as a lawyer by simply reading about the law. Aside from learning the laws, you must also learn how to apply them in the right scenarios. There is also civil procedure, and you need to learn this through experience.

Acquiring such skills can only be done through law school or other institutions that offer you the opportunity to practice.

Becoming a lawyer takes many years of studying and practice, and being self-taught can hardly help if you want to pursue this profession.

How to Learn Law Without Law School?

If you want to learn the law without going to law school, there are different ways to do so. For instance, you can take an online course. But another route would be to become an apprentice. You can also take paralegal courses, which normally take between 6-12 months. There are also legal assistant courses, which might only be 2-3 months.

Some states now allow apprenticeships for people who practice as licensed lawyers without going to law school. One example is Washington State. Apprenticeships are a prerequisite to taking the bar, and some states allow you to study for this bar without having to attend law school. I believe there are four of them right now.


Apprenticeships are more and more of a consideration for people who want to become lawyers due to the high costs associated with law school. Not everyone wants to be in debt for a good part of their life after graduation. Thus, they are looking for better alternatives to becoming legal experts.

With special online courses and apprenticeships, that is now possible. You simply need to find a law field that interests you and focus on it.

In order to represent clients during cases involving personal injury, divorce, or real estate lawsuits, you must be a licensed lawyer. But if you do not want to go to law school, you can try and learn the law by entering an apprenticeship. These are available in more and more states, so don’t hesitate to look for one in your area.

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