How To Know When You Need a Car Accident Lawyer
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How To Know When You Need a Car Accident Lawyer

In the U.S., around 3 million people suffer injuries as a result of a car accident every year. While some of these injuries are minor, others cause permanent disability.

If you’re hurt in an auto accident, it’s important you protect yourself. You have rights, but you may need to hire a car accident lawyer to get the compensation you deserve.

Simple fender benders may not need the involvement of attorneys or the police. But other accidents, even if they seem minor, could result in financial loss.

If you aren’t sure whether you should hire an attorney after an accident, keep reading. We’re going over some signs that indicate a need for legal representation.

The Other Driver Was at Fault

If the other driver caused the accident that resulted in your injury, you deserve compensation. However, getting this compensation is easier said than done.

The other driver may dispute their fault. This means you need an experienced car accident lawyer to evaluate the case.

It’s important to understand that even if the witnesses along with the police report indicate the other party was at fault, you may still need to prove negligence. Negligence means that the other driver neglected their responsibility to drive safely.

Proving negligence is a huge determining factor in a personal injury case. An experienced attorney has an intimate knowledge of your state’s personal injury laws. They can investigate your accident to uncover whether the other driver was, in fact, acting irresponsibly.

You Have Long-Term Injuries

Long-term injuries can last for up to a year or more. Permanent injuries cause some type of disability for the rest of a person’s life. These have a devastating impact on your ability to work and live comfortably.

It’s often difficult to prove the extent of your injuries and that they resulted from the accident.

This is where a car accident lawyer is invaluable.

They can evaluate your medical situation, speak with your doctors, and build a solid case against the other party. They’ll also take the pain and suffering of you and your family into consideration when determining what damages to fight for.

Doing this alone, while also dealing with an injury, may end in a settlement far below what you’re entitled to.

You’re Dealing with an Insurance Company

If the other driver is at fault, their insurance will pay out for your injuries during a claim. However, this could quickly turn messy.

An insurance company’s goal is to keep their costs down. They often try to lowball victims of accidents.

They sometimes resort to intimidation tactics to get you to agree to a lower amount.

Furthermore, the insurance company may deny the claim altogether.

This is why you need a car accident lawyer on your side. They have experience dealing with insurance companies and can help protect you from being taken advantage of. Make sure you find a firm like Bill Connor Law, who handles personal injury and insurance litigation.

In addition, when an insurance company sees you have an attorney, there’s a better chance they’ll settle out of court for a fair price. Having an advocate in your corner who knows the law greatly increases your chances of getting the damages you deserve.

The Uninsured Driver

Most drivers on the road carry auto insurance. However, if you’ve sustained injuries in an accident with an uninsured driver, it’s critical you hire a car accident lawyer immediately.

Your own insurance policy probably includes uninsured driver coverage. This protects you financially if you have an accident with an uninsured motorist. Unfortunately, this coverage may not be enough to cover medical bills along with damage to your car.

Without an attorney, you run the risk of having to pay out of pocket for medical pr

oblems that were someone else’s fault.

An attorney can determine what options you have for obtaining compensation. You may need to do a personal property securities register rev’s check and file a civil suit against the uninsured party for damages. In this case, a good lawyer is essential.

You Have No Experience with Personal Injury Claims

Some people can successfully file their own personal injury claims after an accident. These individuals likely have experience with the process.

If you’re not one of these people, you need an attorney. The procedures involved in filing a claim are very detailed. There’s a lot of paperwork and court deadlines you must adhere to.

Furthermore, personal injury laws have a statute of limitations that vary from state to state.

Trying to navigate the legal process yourself could result in missing out on thousands of dollars.

A car accident lawyer knows how to look at the details of a case and determine what amount to fight for. There are personal injury settlement calculators online, but these don’t provide an accurate estimate.

When you hire an attorney, they take care of all the necessary paperwork and guide you through the legal process. In Austin car accident lawyers can be very helpful to get the right compensation.

You’re Dealing with Lost Wages

A serious injury could result in time away from work and lost wages. In some cases, a person’s injuries are so severe they either lose their job or have to quit.

If you’re dealing with lost wages after an accident, you’re in a vulnerable position. You need an attorney to help you get the compensation you deserve.

A personal injury lawyer takes your lost wages into account when determining the value of your case. If your future income is at stake because of injuries, they can fight to get you compensation for this.

It’s important to remember that most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. This means you don’t have to pay attorney fees until they settle your case.

Find a Car Accident Lawyer Today

If you’re injured in an auto accident and any of these situations apply to you, you need to get legal representation. Deciding to handle the case on your own could result in unfair compensation for your injuries.

If you need to find quality legal representation, search our directory for an attorney in your area.

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