Hire a Divorce Lawyer
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How to Know It’s Time to Hire a Divorce Lawyer

Very few people enter into relationships believing they’ll need to part ways one day. However, many marriages end in divorce, and not all relationship dissolvements can be managed outside of the courtroom or without legal help. If you’re concerned that ending your relationship is not going to be as straightforward as you had hoped, the following signs might indicate that now’s the right time to hire a divorce lawyer.

You Need Help With the Legal Paperwork

Family Law and Divorce

Whether the end of a marriage is amicable or not, many couples decide to contact divorce law firms like Stephenson, Chávarri & Dawson to receive help with the often-complicated legal paperwork that must be filed. Often, divorce is the last step after separation, and you might simply need assistance to make sure you manage each step appropriately to enjoy the smoothest divorce settlement process.

There Are Child Custody Issues

Divorce proceedings can sometimes be made much more stressful when children are involved. While your children might be adjusting to the idea of divorce perfectly fine, there’s still the issue of where they will spend their time.

Sometimes, legal intervention can be required to establish a child custody agreement. Sole and joint custody are among the most common arrangements, but many factors can play a part in the most suitable option, such as the child’s age, parenting abilities, routines, and child safety.

Child Support Payments Are Required

When To Pay Child and Spousal Support

When a married couple is living together, their finances are generally shared, and both parties contribute to all family-related costs in some way. Financial situations can become complicated when couples part ways, which is why many people call upon divorce lawyers for help. They can assist with developing a payment arrangement to help share the costs associated with raising children between both parties.

Seeking Alimony Hire a Divorce Lawyer

While child support payments are one payment type you might discuss with your ex-spouse through a divorce lawyer, alimony payments are also common. These payments may be granted to a spouse if there is proof of financial dependence.

For example, if one spouse went to work every day to provide for the family while the other stayed home with the children, that can sometimes be enough proof for that spouse to provide regular alimony payments. Divorce lawyers and judges can help work through the evidence to provide a satisfying outcome for both parties.

Your Situation Has Changed

divorce process

The agreement you made with your ex-spouse when you first separated may have worked for some time, but situations can change. You might be ready to move towns, move in with a new spouse, or remarry.

These significant events can impact previous legal agreements, so hiring a divorce lawyer might be in your best interest. They can help you navigate the legal processes for altering custody arrangements, developing new structures to suit both parties, and finalizing divorce proceedings so new marriages can take place.


The end of a relationship can be a challenging and even traumatic experience. There can be much to work through, especially when children are involved. If you’ve encountered any of these situations above, hiring a divorce lawyer without delay might be in your best interest.


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