How to Junk a Car With No Title: Everything You Should Know

The problem with scrapping a car if you don’t have a title is that people don’t have proof you’re the owner. While you may be trustworthy and have zero criminal convictions on your record, the person you’re selling to doesn’t know that you haven’t stolen the vehicle.

Luckily, there are several ways to work around the issue. If you need some ideas for how to get rid of your junk car, read on. Here’s how to junk a car with no title.

Apply for a New Title

Each state has requirements for proving ownership. In some cases, you can bring in an old proof of registration to the BMV when applying for a new title, along with your state ID or driver’s license.

If the vehicle isn’t yours, but you have the owner’s permission to apply for the title, you’ll need to have a power of attorney form to give you the authority to run the errand. Once you have the title, you can ask the scrapyard to pick up the car, saving you a trip.

Donate It

Give your old car to the charity of your choice. If it’s in good enough shape they can use it for deliveries or other transportation needs. If not, they may be able to sell it or scrap it.

Make sure it’s an IRS-recognized charity if you want the tax deduction. If you don’t have the title, let them know ahead of time. Some charities won’t accept cars without the title. Check out this site for more information about tax writeoffs.

Scrap It

Sell your junk car to a scrap yard if they will take it. Certain states have requirements about proving ownership, so make sure that you know why the title is missing and can prove that you’re the owner. Without a title, the salvage yard will pay less because they’ll pay the fee to transfer ownership.

In Florida, you’ll need to sign a document attesting that you’re the owner. It also has to be worth less than $1000 and more than 10 years old. In some parts of California, you can’t scrap a car at all without the title.

Since the laws vary by state, you’ll want to check with the salvage yards in your area to see what specific requirements they have. They’re careful to follow the laws to make sure they can stay in business, so they’ll be able to help you with the process.

Scrap It Yourself

If you’re handy, take the car apart yourself and scrap the parts individually. Saving some of the working parts and selling them one at a time may be the best way to get the most money from the car.

You can also cut up the metal from the car and scrap it, as well as selling the tires to a re-treader. While this is still legal if you own the car, some scrap yards won’t take it if it still looks like it came from a car if you can’t prove ownership. If necessary, you may have to cut up the metal so it doesn’t resemble a vehicle.

The Legal Way to Turn Junk A Car With No Title

If you’ve lost your car’s title or inherited a vehicle you can’t find the title for, you have options. The options above can help you junk a car with no title, despite the missing paperwork.

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