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How To Identify A Good Law Firm

The vast majority of us do not keep a lawyer on retainer, and will, in all likelihood, feel a little intimidated by the prospect of reaching out to a firm in the first instance. For that reason, read our guide to finding and reaching out to a strong law firm below.

Traits Of A Good Law Firm

1.  Good Reviews

As with anything in life, one of the best ways to garner insight into a firm’s strengths and potential weaknesses is to look at independent reviews from people who were once in the same position as you. Whether you go by word of mouth appraisals from friends and family or take a lot at third-party review sites, this is an important step for anyone looking to find the best service possible.

2.  Accredited By Third-Parties

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In the world of law, there are a number of accreditations and independent guides that reserve their recommendations for firms that truly offer an invaluable service to their clients. The Legal 500, for instance, is an online directory that sets a high standard for law firms in the UK, and beyond. Within it, you can search for the best firms in your area, such as solicitors in Gloucestershire, to ensure that help and guidance are always to hand.

Similarly, accreditation from bodies such as Lexcel is a sure sign of quality and should be prioritized in your search for a firm.

3. A Strong And Informative Website

It is one thing to hold a vast and comprehensive understanding of the law, but another thing entirely to be able to convey that information to those of us who have not studied it for years already.

Navigating the waters of a legal concern will inevitably prove stressful, as we encounter jargon and laws with which we hold no prior experience. If a law firm invests plenty of time and attention into building a strong and informative website, and ordering their information in a way that their clients can understand, then this is a strong sign that they will work to ensure transparency and understanding every step of the way.

4. A Strong Rapport

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Working with a solicitor is, much of the time, daunting. Whether it’s a case where emotions are running high, such as a divorce or death, or simply one that brings us into unfamiliar territories, such as conveyancing, something that can make the process far more manageable is an easy and comfortable rapport between the client and the lawyer.

This is something that should become apparent relatively quickly – during that initial phone call when you discuss the specifics of your case. If you feel comfortable being open and honest with your solicitor, then this is a strong sign that they will be of great value to you throughout this process.

5. Easily Contactable

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This one likely speaks for itself. Whatever the nature of your case, one of the most important things to make sure of is your ability to reach out for – and, of course, receive – help whenever you need it.

It will not do to be left on hold for hours or to see your emails go unanswered for days. Rather, you should reserve your case for a firm that is genuinely committed to responding to clients as and when they require guidance.

If, for instance, your initial contact form goes unanswered for days before the firm initiates contact with you, then it will likely be preferable for you to move on, and reach out to someone new.

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