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How to Have a Safe Girls Night Out

After a long, cold winter, spring brings an increased sense of security to most people. Those winter nights spent indoors–indeed, feeling cornered by the lack of sunlight–are distant memories.

Girls’ night out festivities are back in full swing.

That’s not to say you have to put away a few of your worries. Protecting yourself from potential harm is always a good idea. Whether at home or out and about, your safety is your most important asset.

Read on for some things you can do to stay safe and secure during your night out.

Don’t Drink and Drive

Safe Girls Night Out

When planning a girls’ night out, first and foremost, be sure that everyone has a designated driver for the evening. Don’t succumb to peer pressure to drink if you’re the designated driver, and make sure your friends understand that it is just as important to get home safely. Ask each other ahead of time if anyone has concerns about driving at night or about wrong way drunk driver accidents.

Make sure you have enough money to cover a taxi ride home proactively if the designated driver has to leave the night early. Before going out, ensure everyone’s safety and make sure everyone knows the plan, where everyone is going, and a timeline of when you think you’ll be back.

Watch Out for Your Alcohol Intake

Safe Girls Night Out

When planning a girls’ night out, it is important to watch out for your alcohol intake. Start off with one or two drinks and have soda or water in between. Monitor your alcohol levels throughout the night and make sure your friends do the same. If you start to feel light-headed, take a break, or opt to have a meal instead. Remember to keep track of one another throughout the night and ensure everyone is safe and well.

Utilize Communication Tools

Communication tools allow friends to stay connected in the event someone needs help, an emergency arises, or plans change. So make sure your friends have access to each other’s numbers and any communication platforms you’re going to utilize.

Safe Girls Night Out

Make sure each person has a form of communication that works for them: text, social media, phone, email, etc. Before parting ways at the end of the night, confirm that everyone is safe and has a ride home or the appropriate means to get home safely. Utilizing communication tools is the best way to ensure your group has a safe and enjoyable girls’ night out.

Relax and have a Girls’ Night Out

Girls’ night out is a great way to relax and have some fun with your friends. Just plan ahead, stay together, and look out for one another. If a situation starts to become uncomfortable or unsafe, always remember to trust your gut and remove yourself from the situation to ensure the safety of yourself and your friends. Have fun and stay safe!

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