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A Lawyer’s Guide To Spreading Career Awareness And Growing Their Practice: How To Get Big On TikTok

TikTok app has been used by more than 1.5 billion people across the globe with 800 million active users making it one of the largest video platforms on the internet. In the first quarter of 2019, TikTok became the most downloaded application on Google Play and the Apple app store among many other achievements.

What may surprise you is that the TikTok app is not only being used by millennials but also professionals around the world looking to spread awareness, advertise, or simply just have a bit of fun. Professionals have started to use TikTok to gain more clients, create a space for their business or practice and become a leading figure in their field among the youth.

Tips to market yourself and your profession

There is a certain trend on the TikTok app that one needs to follow to gain influence and followers. Let us give you some tips and tricks on how you can market yourself and your profession to the world through your phone.

Your story matters

Your story matters

The most important thing that sells is your story. You may see many influencers who started their careers based around a facade but as soon as the facade starts to fade away and their followers realize the true person behind the camera, they lose their fans. Don’t be that person and always be real, you will find your crowd who understands and appreciates you. There are 800 million active users on TikTok, you’re bound to start a cult following of your own (Not a cult but you get what we mean).

Twist the trends

So, how do you twist the trends? Platforms like TikTok have trends that change every week and some even in a couple of days. These types of platforms are filled with millennials who spread their jargon and shenanigans in the form of videos with their fans following what they do. Remember Kylie Jenner and the large lips trend she started on Instagram? The trend was something to do with cosmetics but she brought her twist to it. You too can make videos on recent trends by adding a bit of a twist to them. But make sure the twist is relevant to your background or your profession.

Relevant hashtags are important

Relevant hashtags are important

Many ads or posts online use hashtags to reach their audience. For you to spread awareness through such platforms, using the appropriate hashtag is a must. Hashtags like “make money from home” and other business-related hashtags often garner a lot of attention and is a great way to spread awareness about what you do. Find your passion and only use the relevant hashtags. Having an absurd amount of hashtags won’t bring your post up and might seem a bit needy. Stay classy and keep engagements coming.

Music is the way to go

What is the best way to grab today’s generation’s attention? You guessed it right, popular music. Remember the days when we used to talk with our friends about the top 30 pop songs in the 80s and 90s? Well, not much has changed. Kids and young adults these days still listen and discuss music but the music has changed. It might take you a while to understand what people are listening to these days. Once you find the right track for your videos, publish them and follow the insights for improvement purposes in future posts.

Replying the modern way

Replying the modern way

Staying in touch with your followers is the way to grow your community. Many people do that by having stories on their feed or replying to their fans. TikTok app has made the line between celebrity and follower very thin by introducing video replies. Why not get up close and personal with your fans by responding to them through video replies. Talking to your fans and letting them know about your professional struggles or how to succeed in life can inspire many.


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