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How To Get A Property And Casualty License To Legally Sell Insurances?

After getting a property and casualty licensing, you will be able to provide insurance services in several key industries, providing you with a fruitful career path. To broaden your expertise and field of practice, acquiring a property and casualty license is a safe bet for you to undertake.

A Property license pertains to any damage done on the property, including automobile damage, residential damage, and other types of damages.

A casualty license is complementary to a property license because it primarily deals in damage caused to your property, and damage was done by you to someone else’s property.

After successfully obtaining licensure, in both of these fields, you will be able to practice.

Whether you choose to be an agent (professionals who represent their own companies; agencies) or a broker (professionals who choose to represent their clients), you will have certain roles and responsibilities.

Roles And Responsibilities Of Brokers And Agents

Roles And Responsibilities Of Brokers And Agents

Agents and brokers have critical responsibilities because their respective clients entrust them with their credibility, time, and money. These responsibilities include:

You will have to derive and create policies that accurately represent and address your client’s case.

You are required to be your client’s insurance advisor as well. Advising him or her on the best policies by weighing up their pros and cons in front of the client.

The Sky’s The Limit

After you get licensure and are practicing, you have officially garnered the ability to work in several lucrative industries which are massive in scale and prospect.

For example, the automotive insurance industry has been growing in stature ever since the 21st century started. And, you can work on insurance coverage cases of several automobiles with several clients. These cases mostly include the coverage of damage in cases of unforeseen events.

The housing industry is also highly rewarding and has a steady stream of work. You will be able to sell housing insurance to clients. This insurance will cover costs in potential damage, of both the inside and out.

Examination Process

Examination Process

A career in practicing property and casualty insurance is quite enticing. However, you need to give a test first, hence you should be well-aware of all the intricacies surrounding this test. Here is a step-by-step guide for your ease.

Every state has different requirements. But, generally, every state’s test process includes the following steps:

Enroll In A Pre-licensure Course

Although many states do not require a course credit, it is highly recommended to study an entire pre-licensure course. It will prepare you, provide you with practice, and will prepare you for what is to come next. You can find plenty of amazing online options, just search for a CA real estate license program, or wherever you reside in, and you’ll be sure to find some great courses to take. Before enrolling, just ensure the program you’re interested in is accredited, read the reviews and compare pricing before making your final decision.


There are several areas of insurance in which you are required to have a strong command. These include:

  • Homeowner and Dwelling insurance
  • Commercial
  • Automobile
  • Crime
  • Damage



Look up your particular state’s property and casualty licensure examination dates, processes, and requirements. Then, apply!

Submit all the required documents before the submission deadline.

Give The Test

Make sure to be fully confident, and prepared before the test. Scout your examination location to avoid any on-day confusion.

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