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How To Find The Top Legal Translation Companies

While the average person may use automatic translation options built into web browsers like Google and Bing, standards change when it comes to multilingual legal matters.

You can’t afford a single mistake when translating important legal paperwork. Even one slipup can null contracts, result in costly penalties, and deliver devastating blows to the reputations of all those involved.

Evidence and contracts contain specialized terminology that easily confuses Google’s algorithm. Its scripts learn how to translate using everyday communications, and complicated legal terms pose too great a challenge to overcome.

This complicated language requires the help of an expert. Here are some tips on how to find a reputable legal translation company near you.

Tips To Find The Best Legal Translation Company

Narrow Your Online Search

Translation of Legal Documents

While a search engine may not translate legal documents accurately, it can assist in your hunt for a company that’s up for the job.

In a microsecond, a search engine can spit out millions of results. Not all of these will be relevant to your needs. To narrow in on a smaller list of potential companies, you’ll want to specify where you are in the world.

If you’re located in London, for example, try these queries on for size: legal translation London and legal translators London. By specifying a location, you’ll pare down your search results to companies that provide legal translation services near you.

Look For Specific Languages

A company situated in London won’t help much if they don’t offer services in the languages you need. Thankfully, your location can work in your favor.

London is one of the most linguistically diverse cities in the world, with more than 250 languages spoken within its boundaries. It’s likely that a translation company in London employs hundreds of linguists at a time so that they can meet the demands of their city.

The number of languages a company provides is a point of pride, wherever they operate. Many of the top companies offer customized services in more than 100 languages. Some popular examples include Chinese, Spanish, French, Arabic, and Russian.

Confirm They Have Industry Experience

Confirm They Have Industry Experience

A general translator is a significant step up from in-browser services, but they still can’t make faithful translations that uphold the law in your target language. Only translators that specialize in legal matters will have the industry experience necessary to produce accurate work.

An experienced translator understands how the legal system works in different countries, and they accommodate the differences in how each location handles civil and criminal law.

They follow the standards set by the industry whenever converting text from one language to the next, ensuring your translated document retains its original meaning and authority.

Verify The Company’s Accreditation

Estate Planning Documents

In many cases, judicial systems require submitted documents to be certified and notarized by a professional company to ensure the contents are accurate. Only an accredited company that has the right certification can meet these standards.

In specific, you should look for a legal translation company that boasts ISO 9001:2008 and EN 15038:2006 accreditations. These certifications demonstrate your translator is qualified to work in the legal industry, and their work meets statutory and regulatory requirements.

The Takeaway

Legal documents contain specialized language and subject matter that only an experienced professional can handle. Remember these tips when looking for a company to assist with foreign language documents. They’ll help you find an expert who can make flawless translations.

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