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How to Find the Perfect Lawyer in Chicago

Everybody needs a good lawyer. It doesn’t matter if you’re a high-level CEO or starting in the mailroom, you need someone who can defend you in case anything bad happens. As a free citizen of the United States, you’re bound to run into some odd situations and even odder characters throughout your life. There’s no place where this rings truer than in the great city of Chicago. America’s second city is a dense metropolis full of every possible danger, delight, and predilection you can think of. Because of this kind of diversity and density, you’ll inevitably find yourself in disagreement with someone else. If it pushes far enough, well, you might need a lawyer. The issue is, many of us haven’t needed legal representation before. We’re taking shots in the dark.

Here are some qualities to look for to help you find the perfect lawyer

People Skills

If you’re looking for a lawyer, you’re probably not going through the best of times. Your average individual isn’t going to seek out a lawyer because everything is peachy. In that kind of situation, it may be difficult to tell a lawyer about the core issues. According to the experts of Blumenshine Law, being able to open up and engage with a person is the number one determining factor in them becoming a client. One can go online and Google searches everyone in the area. It still doesn’t add up to good representation. A lawyer needs to know how to deal with people at their worst. This doesn’t mean you need to find the I’ve of the party. This just means that you, as a person, feel comfortable discussing the issues you need legal representation for. Not everyone can do that well. It truly is a special skill.

Negotiation Skills

The nature of law is rooted in combat and negotiation. Someone fighting for you may stumble upon roadblocks and difficulties. Strong representation means they can take that situation, review it with you, and come up with the best possible strategies. There are some lawyers out there that “specialize” in arriving at a certain outcome. Look at their track record, and they always choose the same strategy. That’s not advisable. What you should be looking for is someone who can cut angles and bob through the obstacles that come up throughout the life of your case. That’s what a good negotiator does, he/she finds ways around the predicaments that come your way. It’s an invaluable quality.

Project Management

Project management isn’t typically something that we expect lawyers to have. The truth is, lawyers, tend to have better project management skills than most corporate executives. This is because the law tends to be more personal. They know that they’re supporting or defending an individual’s livelihood and wellbeing. It’s not some massive corporation’s second-quarter deadlines. It’s more intimately human than that. Because of this, good project management skills can be seen as a lawyer’s ability to keep the big picture in mind while tackling the smaller challenges that come your way.

How to Find the Perfect Lawyer in Chicago


Lawyers, like doctors, have different specialties. Sure, they all passed the Bar, but they choose to service certain industries they know they can excel in. If you have a medical issue, you would go to a personal injury lawyer. If there’s a dispute regarding your property or a neighbor’s construction is obstructing your view, you would go to a real estate lawyer. The world of law is subdivided as such so that they can better serve you. They build experience, case after case, to come out on the other side with a sharp understanding of how to take on any situation. When looking for a lawyer, be sure to go to the appropriate law firm for the job.


Perseverance is what separates the good from the excellent. It’s one of the most important qualities to look for when getting a lawyer. It’s also one of the most difficult qualities to measure. How does one know that their legal representation will persevere? In this case, we have to look at their history and their track record in the city. If you review that history and they won’t back down when things get rough, you know you have someone you can depend on.

Finding the perfect lawyer may be tough, but there are good people out there ready to serve you. Schedule a meeting with the appropriate lawyer and feel out the conversation. Lay down the reasons and the situation you need their services for. Chances are if they can’t help, they know someone who can. Be safe. Good luck.

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