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How to Find A Lawyer Win Loss Record for Wrongful Death Cases

A beloved family member has just lost their life due to the negligence of someone else. It never matters, mostly what the circumstances were, it happened, and that is all the matters. It would be best if you had some justice for this negligence that may close some doors, allow healing, and never happen to anyone else. You need to be able to go forward with your life, and you believe that you have no chance to do this until you find an injury and wrongful death attorney to fight for your loved one.

Depending upon your situation and circumstances, this leads you to the proper attorney. For instance, you would not seek the services for a wrongful death case from an attorney whose expertise is that of an estate planner. You need the services of a seasoned, experienced, and trusting wrongful death attorney. The lawyer you chose to handle your case must have a successful win record for accidents/injuries, and wrongful death cases. The question remains,

Q. “Where do you go to find the win/loss record for an attorney whose expertise is injury and wrongful death cases?”

Attorney Wins and Losses

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Every attorney has wins and losses. However, this never explains the expertise of that attorney. This information does not relay anything about the attorney’s ability to handle wrongful death cases. Many attorneys, especially wrongful death attorneys, work pro bono to help others who cannot hire an attorney in accident/injury and wrongful death cases. In these cases, the attorney primarily focuses on helping, not specifically handling a winning case. That attorney may take the case, knowing fully well that it is not a winnable case.

Attorney’s whose expertise is the wrongful death defendant has a high rate for losses because they pled a case for the client, which in the end can prove to be either a win or loss for their client. These attorneys pled on behalf of their client for a much lesser degree sentence. The attorney and defendant consider this either a win-win for both sides or a loss-loss for both sides.

Accident/injury and wrongful death cases may not even go to court. Many of these cases settle out of court. These cases may be big wins for the wrongful death client. However, these cases are seldom recorded or reported. The settlement details and outcome are usually sealed and confidential. In your search, you may find many of these types of cases that are considered wins and losses. You cannot calculate the wins accurately.

Your search for a record of wins and losses for any accident/injury/wrongful death attorney may offer little information after you spent much time trying to find your answer. One thing is for sure, you can get information on any negative disciplinary action against the attorney. Corrective action should never be interrupted as the attorney is less competent, unethical, untrustworthy, or of shady character. If you are running into a dead-end trying to find an attorney’s wins and losses, you can do an internet search through your state’s supreme court website. This information may yield enough to put your mind at ease.

In the end, you will probably spend a lot of time searching for your attorney’s wins and losses and find nothing. The consensus is that even if you did find a list of wins and losses, it probably would not help you like you had hoped as the information is scarce and often provides very misleading information.

Take Other Routes to Conclude Wins and Losses

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Your best approaches to find out as much as you can about your possible pick for an accident/injury/wrongful death attorney is not to waste your time searching for lists of wins and losses but, to search for answers on more important questions such as found in the following,

Speak with the attorney in person. First consultations are free with no obligation.

  • Ask that attorney about their knowledge and skill in handling wrongful death cases.
  • Ask the attorney how much experience and how many years they have in representing wrongful death cases? Never hire an attorney for a wrongful death case if this is not the expertise of that attorney.
  • Ask that attorney what they think your best options are for a successful outcome to a possible wrongful death case.
  • Use this first and initial meeting wisely.
  • Try to see if you and the attorney can work together.
  • Notice your comfort level while speaking to this attorney.
  • If you feel uncomfortable, you should, no doubt, continue your search.
  • Determine if the attorney is focused while listening to you, or is the attorney’s mind somewhere else?
  • Does the attorney appear to have your interests at the forefront of their thoughts?
  • Ask friends, family members, coworkers if they know of an accident/injury/wrongful death attorney who they are willing to refer you to for their services.
  • Access the website to determine the attorney’s ratings through previous client reviews.
  • Pick at least three attorney choices, meet with each attorney, then make your choice upon your informed decision.

A Call to Action for Excellent Accident/Injury/Wrongful Death Representation

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You are in search of the right legal team to represent your loved one in their wrongful death case in the state of Texas. Our legal team is seasoned, experienced, compassionate, and willing to work for you and your loved one to find some justice. Give us a call today at 432-219-4431. Set up your first free, with a no-obligation consultation with one of our esteemed attorneys. We promise to work hard for you and we fight to win you justice. Access this website for more information.


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