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How to Find a Good Criminal Defense Attorney

Understandably, most of us won’t have the name of a good defense attorney in our contact list. This is because most people do not have to worry about being involved in crime or getting arrested, however, in the rare instance that you or a family member or friend gets arrested, it’s crucial that you search for the best criminal defense attorney in your area. 

When going to trial, having the right experts to fight yours or your loved one’s case can help strengthen your credibility and increase the chances of you winning your case. If you aren’t sure where to start, here are a few tips on how to find a good criminal defense attorney.

Should Be Receptive

If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges, it’s important that you act as quickly as possible. Every second counts so it’s important that you seek out a criminal defense attorney that is going to act on your behalf straight away. When contacting an attorney, they should respond to you quickly, with their legal team arranging an appointment with you or a loved one within the next working day. 

Specializes in Criminal Law

While they do not have to exclusively practice criminal law, you will want to find a criminal defense lawyer who at the very least specializes in criminal law. If you cannot find anything on their page about criminal law, it’s highly likely that they are not the best lawyer for your case. 

Plenty of Experience in Local Courts

Once you’ve found an attorney that is qualified in criminal law, you need to make sure that they have plenty of experience in local courts too. This aspect of determining whether the attorney is right for your case tends to be overlooked but having local relationships and connections can make a real difference when it comes to fighting criminal charges.

Check Reputable Sources

Knowledge is power, so the more research you do on the internet about attorneys, the more confident you will feel. While some sources on the internet will be reputable, others are not, so make sure that you do your research in local criminal defense attorneys to get a better idea of who can help you in your case. You may want to look at Orent Law Offices who are criminal defense attorneys based in Phoenix, with over 30 years of experience in defending those charged with crimes. Once you have done this, you should check out other platforms such as Facebook, as they tend to not allow attorneys to remove bad reviews. It’s important that you check out ratings and reviews from previous clients so you can be confident with your choice.

Ask for Referrals

One great way when it comes to finding the best criminal defense attorney is by asking your nearest and dearest whether they know any good lawyers in the area. Those who have first-hand knowledge of how a defense attorney works can help give you more of an insight into how the whole process works and what they will do to help you throughout. Also, if you run your own business and use a lawyer, you may wish to ask them who they would recommend for a criminal case.

Knowing the Basics

You will be hard-pressed to find an attorney that knows the A-Z of law, however, they should be knowledgeable on the most common types of crimes, meaning they can explain to you what the likely charges and penalties will be against you. A good criminal defense attorney should also know what types of questions you are likely to be asked in your trial, helping you to stay calm and relaxed. Finding a criminal defense lawyer who you feel comfortable with can also help to reduce stress levels.

Possess Courtroom Confidence 

When going to court, you will want your criminal defense lawyer to be confident and assertive. In some situations, your attorney has a matter of seconds to make an objection, which could be the make or break when it comes to winning your case, therefore, it’s important that your attorney has plenty of experience to know what the court rules are, as well as exude confidence throughout a court hearing.

Whether you are going to court or a loved one has been involved in a crime, taking the tips listed above on board can help you find the best criminal defense attorney in your area, helping to strengthen your case and increase the chances of you winning.

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