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Tips on How To Find a Free Lawyer

Times are there when you are unable to afford a lawyer, but you require a legal representation. This may be required to know about your legal rights. However, you must know how to find a free lawyer in your state. These lawyers must charge nothing and helps in solving legal problems relating to bankruptcy, family law, housing, immigration, workplace issues and criminal cases.

Why free lawyer?

Under the U.S. Constitution, the Sixth Amendment protections, criminal defendants are entitled to legal counsel in case they are unable to hire a lawyer on their own. This means, the court will appoint a lawyer who will without charge represent your case.

Though everyone does not need solve legal matters every day, there are times when acquiring the right advice becomes crucially important. This may include child custody battles, housing rights, crippling proceeding over medical bills and deportation and immigration matters.  Generally, civil proceedings are not offered free legal lawyers. But if you are not able to represent in the court and are unable to afford a lawyer during negotiations or before administrative agency or in some other matters, do not give up easily. Instead, find ways to find a cost free lawyer.

Most attorneys are required by their state bar association to preform a certain number of hours of pro bono work for the community.  Some criminal defense attorneys go above and beyond and get awards such as the North Star Laywer award.  This award is given to attorneys for their dedication to taking care of the community they are part of, through many more hours of pro bono work than is required of them.

Do you qualify?

Qualifying for free lawyer assistance is based on few factors such as your health status, income, location, safety and if your issue is criminal or civil by nature.

Even if you get qualified to have a free lawyer, finding one to take your case may be a hitch. The problems may be such as the agency has limited staff or the agency does not cover your area of legal issue.

Here is a guide to find a inexpensive lawyer

  • Look for federally funded legal supporting programs. The legal aid programs employ paralegals and lawyers to offer free services to eligible people. In fact for employment issues, divorce proceedings, tenant and landlord issues and several other legal problems, an excellent resource is the legal aid problems.

To qualify, your income must be less than the specified certain number. Check the low income limits as it varies with each state. Your income should be below the federal poverty line to receive free lawyer.

  • Bar associations provide free legal assistance via pro bono programs. There may be lawyers ready to offer free legal advice; such people are matched based on your requirements. There are nonprofits also ready to offer legal help and to qualify for a pro bono program, provide low income proof.

Even private firms have pro bono departments and they concentrate on particular community issues such as civil rights issue, police misconduct or suits against government.

  • Find some self-help legal clinic that provides free legal advice. These are good resources for simple process such as filling forms or queries about some process. However, they cannot help you with a free lawyer.
  • If you are a criminal case defendant, you can have an attorney. However, if you are unable to hire a private attorney, get a defense attorney court appointed. You need to give proof of income that states your inability to hire a private attorney.

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