How to Find a Divorce Lawyer That is Right for You
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How to Find a Divorce Lawyer That is Right for You

You hoped that you’d be able to handle your divorce amicably, but now, you’re starting to doubt that the process will go smoothly.

Perhaps you’ve even been wrongly accused of child abuse, spousal abuse, or even of having an extramarital affair by your ex, and need to have an attorney on your side.

Maybe you’re just hoping that hiring a divorce lawyer will expedite the process.

No matter your situation, you need to know how to find a divorce lawyer you can count on.

Read on to learn what to look for in a good divorce attorney.

1. Evaluate Your Options

The first step in how to find a divorce lawyer?

Make sure they’re qualified to help you with the specific kind of divorce you’re seeking.

Are you planning to settle out of court or do you know you’ll head to trial? Are you interested in mediation or collaborative divorce? Is the divorce contested or uncontested?

For more about the kinds of divorce proceedings available, check out this site.

Keep in mind that if your ex has already lawyered up, now is absolutely the time for you to do the same.

2. Get to Know Their Experience Level

Yes, of course, you should ask and verify their credentials regarding where they went to law school and the validity of their state license.

However, experience is about much more than how many clients they’ve worked with and how long they’ve been in practice.

In understanding how to choose a divorce lawyer, you also need to know their experience with cases similar to your own.

If you’re seeking alimony, ask about the payments they’ve been able to secure for their past clients. If you feel the custody battle for children could get nasty, ask them how many times they’ve helped clients win custody.

What about their experience with division of assets, homeownership, and even handling threats against your character? Look for divorce lawyers that have fought similar battles on behalf of clients before.

3. Meet Them in Person

The best way for you to know how to find a good divorce lawyer is to meet them for a consultation. (If they attempt to charge you for an initial consultation, it’s a red flag.)

This will allow you to evaluate if you share similar communication styles, get in-person answers regarding the specifics of your case, and allow you to see how well they think on their feet.

Now is also the time to get the projected cost of their services and payment plan in writing so that you both can protect yourselves.

You can also begin the process of filing for divorce in their office immediately if you feel like it’s a good fit.

Learning How to Find a Divorce Lawyer Is Simple

While we know the process of divorce is hard, we hope this post has proved that understanding how to find a divorce lawyer doesn’t have to be.

Need more advice about how to file for divorce? Ready to study up on past famous divorce cases for inspiration?

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