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How To Find A Bankruptcy Attorney In Georgia, Atlanta

If you cannot repay your debts, you can secure your assets against liquidation by filing a bankruptcy case. However, due to the complexity of the bankruptcy code, you need the help of an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Atlanta to help you file and follow-up on the case successfully. This article outlines various sources to find bankruptcy lawyers and the tips you can use to choose the best. Check them out.

Where You Can Find A Bankruptcy Attorney

There are many sources you can find lawyers to help you with bankruptcy. Some of these sources include:

Where you can find a bankruptcy attorney

  •  Asking For Referrals

Asking for lawyer references from people who went through bankruptcy proceedings successfully is an excellent way of securing an experienced attorney. To get referrals, you need to contact your friends and relatives and note any information they may offer about the subject. The information gathered will be essential when creating a contact list for an interview.

  • Using The State Bar Associations

If you are not comfortable asking for your colleagues’ referrals, you can alternatively get some State Bar Association referrals. The State Bar Association will offer you the list of bankruptcy attorneys in Atlanta but won’t provide information about their experience and success rate. So, using it as a source will call for your extra effort in screening for the most qualified attorney.

  • Using Online Directories

Another great source of bankruptcy representative is the use of lawyers’ online directories. Any reliable directory about a lawyer will offer sufficient information about them. For instance, they should talk about their state of origin, area of specialization, a summary of their experience, and an estimate of their fees on a typical case.

Using Online Directories

Examples of such online directories include Nolo’s Lawyer Directory and the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA). Though these directories can summarize everything about the attorneys, there is no guarantee that the information is valid. Again, you have to screen through your list to get the best.

Choosing The Best Bankruptcy Attorney

After creating your contact list using the above tips, you need to select the best bankruptcy lawyer among them. Start by choosing the seemingly qualified attorneys from your list and then contact each of them for a consultation. During the consultation, focus on the following key considerations to land the best bankruptcy attorney.

  • Their Experience And Expertise

A qualified bankruptcy attorney should give you a brief description of what bankruptcy law entails. They should also assess whether you have any grounds for the case and advise you on the quickest way to recover from bankruptcy.

Their Experience and Expertise

On the other hand, they should provide evidence of their success and certifications from reputable organizations to deal with chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcies successfully. Choosing a highly qualified bankruptcy attorney will increase your chances of winning back your financial freedom.

  • Their Communication Effectiveness And Compatibility

The quality of communication is essential in winning any bankruptcy. Before landing any attorney, ensure that you are comfortable with them. That is, choosing a person who can accommodate you in every situation. By so doing, you will help yourself and the attorney to better understand the case. It will also help you avoid the tricky hurdles that the opponent may set to trap you during the proceedings.

Finally, you should agree on the payment rates with your attorney before the representation. Also, the payments should be on a contingency basis to incentivize the attorney to work tirelessly in your favor. To get a Bankruptcy Attorney you can afford, start by considering their qualifications and then select the cheapest among them.

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