Workplace For Disabled Employees
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How to Ensure Equality In The Workplace For Disabled Employees

Equality in the workplace is a must for all people and as an employer, you have to take certain precautions to ensure you can offer it. Here are some tips to do so.

Tips to Ensure Equality In The Workplace For Disabled Employees

Tips to Ensure Equality In The Workplace For Disabled Employees

  1. Never ask questions about the sickness record and physical or mental health of the employee during the process of recruiting employees. There is one exception, which is when you inquire if the interview attendee requires adjustments to the interview process and application. For instance, a longer time scale for completing competency tests and a large print for forms. You can learn about Equality in Recruitment on our factsheet.
  2. Some of your current or prospective employees may disclose their disabilities, so discuss with them how their disabilities affect them suggests labor and employment lawyers This will help you know if there are Reasonable Adjustments you can make in your workplace. Do these adjustments to prevent substantial disadvantages and support them. Learn more Reasonable Adjustments on our factsheet.
  3. Discuss the health problems of your employees using your Back to Work Interview, especially if they are on sick leave. Use this opportunity to find out if your employee has a disability, which is in the Equality Act 2010. You can be held liable for disability discrimination if you ought reasonably to have known or knew about the disability of your employee. Use our factsheet to assess whether your employer has a disability.
  4. Contact Access to Work to request a particular adjustment if you cannot afford to make that adjustment. Your employee can also contact Access to Work. Contact Access to Work to find out if there is any government funding, such as adaptations to equipment and taxi fares to and from work.
  5. Contact relevant organizations and charities specific to the disabilities of your employees. These organizations and charities provide useful advice and help. For instance, in Surrey, Employment Support Retraining Agency (ESRA) helps disabled employees to stay at work.
  6. You should train your staff to follow an Equal Opportunities Policy, especially if you have one. Employment Tribunal Judges will ask if you have an Equality and Diversity or Equality Opportunities policy when they deal with discrimination cases. That is why you must have a policy, and you must act on it.
  7. Most disabilities are not obvious, such as mental health impairments. Pay attention to the changes in the normal behavior of your employees. The change in their normal behavior can include; aggression, increased sickness absence, tiredness, and a drop in their performance.
  8. Use Reasonable Adjustments to adjust some of your policies and to ensure a level playing field. For instance, you need to discount disability-related illnesses if you make sickness absence as one of the criteria for redundancy. You can learn more about Redundancy Selection and Discrimination on our FAQs.
  9. Before you discipline your employee, you must do a proper investigation to make sure what you are considering a ‘won’t do’ is really a ‘can’t do’. For instance, you can deal with aggressive behavior from your employee to one of their colleagues as a capability issue if the cause is high levels of stress and anxiety. This will help you provide enough support.
  10. Make sure the training on all equality issues for people, who manage and supervise your employees, ensures a harmonious workplace and best practice.

Ensure Equality In The Workplace For Disabled Employees

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