Suspected Elder Abuse
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How to Deal With Suspected Elder Abuse

Aging is a part of life that none of us can avoid. As we get older, we’ll have to accept our weaknesses and learn to rely on other people to take care of our basic needs. Professional care staff has a huge responsibility in ensuring the elderly people under their care are kept healthy and happy. While most caregivers provide an excellent standard of service and improve the lives of elderly people, there are unfortunately a few that don’t live up to the standards.

Sadly, elder abuse is a reality in many elder facilities, and for the family of an elderly person, this can be incredibly difficult to handle. This is partly why choosing a caretaker or home can be a difficult decision. Making an effort to find out suspected elder abuse and respond correctly can help tackle it in a proactive way.

Here is the guideline

Spot the Signs

spot the signs

You’ll need to be aware of elder abuse and now how to spot the signs that it is happening to your loved ones. Keep an eye out for any unexplained bruises or injuries, as these are the most common signs of physical abuse. If you notice your loved ones seem to act withdrawn, it could be a sign of some form of emotional abuse. Even poor hygiene or signs of malnourishment are clear causes for concern and will require fast action to prevent the situation from getting out of hand.

Respond In the Right Way

Respond In the Right Way

Like anyone suffering from abuse, elders are unlikely to speak out about it themselves, which is why spotting any suspicious signs is crucial. Start by letting the elder know you are aware there may be an issue and that you care. Even if they can’t speak out about it, they’ll feel less alone and possibly allow them to build up the courage to file a report somewhere down the line. It is also key to keep the lines of communication open. Make sure there is always a way for your loved one to contact you and visit them as often as possible.

Once you feel the time is right, and they’ve given you a clear indication that abuse is taking place, remove the senior from the situation as swiftly as possible. Having separated them from the caregiver, it is time to file a formal report by contacting the local authorities. Go straight to your local police department and follow the necessary procedure for pressing charges.

Seek Legal Support

Seek Legal Support

Don’t delay finding legal support. This is by far the best way to protect your loved one and guarantee this doesn’t happen to any other vulnerable person. Elders deserve to be treated with kindness and respect.

If your loved one has suffered at the hands of someone who was trusted to look after them, then it’s only right that you seek justice and compensation. Find a lawyer that specializes in elder abuse, as they’ll be best placed to understand the merits of your case and get you the settlement you deserve. Law firms like Appel Law Firm in Walnut Creek offer an excellent portfolio of services, including specialist knowledge on elder abuse cases.

Watching an elderly relative deteriorate is always difficult, but we also understand it is part of the aging process. Due to the fact that as their nearest and dearest, we can’t always be around to care for them fully, we take the necessary steps to find them the best possible care we can.

While there are a variety of different options for senior care on offer, one thing that is expected across the board is that our loved ones are treated well and never harmed by a caregiver. In most instances, care home staff are properly screened, so there is no cause for concern. However, when such a violation does occur, it is absolutely heartbreaking, but you need to act with a cool head to put an end to the abuse and seek the retribution deserved in a court of law.

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