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Halt | June 11, 2018 | 0 Comments

How to Choose an Attorney to Fight my Speeding Ticket?

You got busted for speeding, now what?

There are many attorneys out there to help you fight a speeding ticket.  Maybe you were in a rush to work or to pick up the kids from baseball practice you got pulled over?  Perhaps you thought you were cruising along the highway at a leisurely pace to realize that you were doing 10 over the speed limit?  Or you could have been driving with anger, and smokey saw you fly right by before he rolled up behind you with the flashing lights asking for your “license and registration”.  

Then it’s time for you to find a lawyer who can take care of your speeding ticket.  

Many people have used radar detectors over the years to avoid the speed detectors used by highway patrol and state police.  They can be a great defense when you are traveling a long, winding, road or through the hillside. However, if the radar detector was unsuccessful in fighting the speeding ticket blues then it’s time to call an attorney from some relief.  Even if you have the best radar detector on the market and still got busted, it’s time to find an experienced speeding ticket lawyer.

Traffic Ticket Attorney Reviews

Get reviews by conducting an internet search.  You will want to be a bit wary when searching for reviews to make sure they are legitimate.  This may take some sifting through a bit of nonsense until you get to the core.  The best way to get a review of a lawyer is from someone you may know and trust.   Getting it straight from the horse’s mouth is the best route to take, no doubt.

Traffic Ticket Attorney Experience

It is imperative that you get a handle on what kind of experience any lawyer you are interviewing has. Do they know the local court system? Do they specialize in speeding tickets? Etc. You should be able to get those answers from the attorney. You can easily find metairie speeding ticket lawyers here. Just remember to get a thorough and straight answer to these questions.

Expected Outcomes

You will want to ask your potential traffic ticket lawyer what they feel is a fair outcome of your case.  Knowing this will keep you from having unrealistic expectations and therefore allow you to have a preliminary result in your head and perhaps better prepare for the future after the outcome.  

Getting Prepared

A good speeding ticket lawyer will make sure you are prepared for your hearing.  He or she will ask you to take any classes or certification based courses to expel points on your license.  Completing a class may just save you from having your license suspended. Your attorney should be preparing you to look your very best before the judge, which will undoubtedly help you attain a positive outcome.   

Traffic Ticket Lawyer Pricing

To make sure you’re not getting ripped off, you should schedule at least three meetings with different lawyers.  This will give you an idea of what the going rate is for fighting a speeding ticket. You can call several places as well and try and get some quotes over the phone.

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