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How to Build a Sales Funnel for Your Legal Practice

Every professional needs a steady stream of business in order to stay afloat, and lawyers aren’t any different. The nature of law can be difficult because many client interactions end up being a one-off situation. If you want to keep a steady stream of business coming, you need to build a sales funnel.

Creating a sales funnel is the key to lead generation. In order to do that, you need to utilize a variety of marketing, sales, and branding technique.

Curious about how you can build a funnel of your own for your law office? Here’s everything you need to know so you can start generating leads today.

The Basics of the Funnel

The Basics of the Funnel

In order to build a solid funnel, let’s focus on the basic structure of the funnel and how it ties into the customer journey.

First, potential leads arrive at the top of the funnel. This is the “widest” part of the funnel because this is where prospects enter the awareness phase for your firm. First impressions matter, so be sure to make a strong one.

Next, they enter the middle funnel where you work to convince them that you’re the best firm to handle their legal problem. You need to demonstrate your expertise and convince them that you understand the legal problem they’re facing.

Finally, successful prospects end up at the bottom of the funnel. This is where they make the decision to become your client. In order to make it to the bottom, you need to ensure that everything at the top is working.

How Lawyers Can Build a Sales Funnel

Now that you understand how the funnel process works, it’s time to think of ways to guide people through the customer journey. In order to move people through the funnel successfully, you need to use a variety of marketing and sales techniques to start generating interest in your practice.

If you’re interested in generating leads through your funnel, make sure you focus on the following areas.

Measure Website Traffic

Measure Website Traffic

Your website will fuel most of the first interactions people have with your firm. Everyone interested in attorney marketing knows that it’s important to have a professional-looking website, but they may not know how important it is to measure traffic.

See how many people are visiting your site, take note of your most popular pages, and see how people get to your contact page or how many fill out forms. The information you gather can help you know what content appeals the most to prospects and can give you ideas on how to improve it.

Get CRM Software

Lawyers that are serious about building their funnel should invest in customer relationship management (CRM) software. Keeping track of your client inquires is important, and a solid CRM can do a lot to store helpful information. The use of legal software can bring a number of benefits for both lawyers and their clients. For example, CRMs like BetterLegal Software or Clio Law offer a number of features that can save time and money for both parties. In particular, the software can help to automate the discovery process by sifting through large amounts of data to find relevant documents.

Certain kinds of CRM software can do more than store call and contact information. They can help you with client intake, schedule calls and follow-ups, and even help with revenue tracking.

Create Content

The saying that content is king is said so often that it feels like a cliche. It may be an old saying, but it’s still very true.

Content can help with almost every part of your funnel strategy. Posting on social media can help build brand awareness and reach potential clients. Sending newsletters with helpful information can keep middle funnel leads informed and can engage previous leads and clients. SEO-rich blog posts can massively boost your top of funnel leads.

Beyond the Funnel

Beyond the Funnel

Knowing how to build a sales funnel can see your company through lean times and help you grow. If you follow the advice in this post you’ll be well on your way to having a solid funnel.

Curious about other ways to grow your practice? We have a lot of helpful content for lawyers that want to reach the top of their game. Browse our site so you can find the info you need to help your firm grow.

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