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How to Legally Apply for Canadian Citizenship

Right now, Canada allows 300,000 immigrants to move to Canada every year. By 2021, that number will be bumped to 350,000.

300,000 might sound like a lot, but it’s not, compared to how many hope to move to Canada. Moving to Canada can be quite a competition, and there are a few steps you have to meet before you can even be considered for Canadian citizenship. Ready to get started?

Here’s exactly how to apply for Canadian citizenship

Get a Permanent Resident Visa

Before you can become a Canadian citizen, you need to get a permanent resident visa. This will allow you to live in Canada so long as you have a visa.

As a permanent resident in Canada, you’re still a citizen to your previous country. You have most of the same rights as Canadian citizens, like healthcare, the right to work, and legal protection. You even get to pay Canadian taxes.

But as a permanent resident, you aren’t allowed to vote, run for office, or hold other high-level security clearance positions.

Moving to a new country can be hard. So when you’re looking to immigrate to Canada, make sure to reach out to new friends and fellow immigrants to make the transition easier.

Make Sure You Qualify for Citizenship

There are a couple of things you need to qualify for citizenship. For starters, you have to be a permanent resident in Canada for three years. You need to have been physically present in Canada for 3 out of the past 5 years.

Make sure you’ve paid your taxes during your entire residency. You’ll also have to pass a test on Canadian rights and general knowledge, and you’ll have to prove your language proficiency.

Other qualifications might apply, depending on your circumstances. These are factors that include a criminal record, ancestry citizenship in Canada, military service, or if you’re a minor. If these apply to you, make sure to read up on the details for your circumstance.

Take the Citizenship Test and Interview

After you apply, you’ll have to take a citizenship test and pass an interview. The citizenship test is 20 questions. The test covers Canada’s history, geography, economy, government, laws, and symbols. It’s made up of true or false and multiple-choice questions, and you have to get 15 right to pass.

After the test, you’ll get an interview. During the interview, you’ll go over the results of the test, your documentation, and assess you’re language skills. Overall, they’ll just ensure you meet all the qualifications for citizenship.

Oath of Citizenship and Ceremony

Usually, within 3 months after your test, you’ll get a notification about your citizenship ceremony date. You’ll take a citizenship oath, and become an official Canadian citizen.

Now You Know How to Apply for Canadian Citizenship

Understanding how to apply for Canadian citizenship is the first step in changing your country of residence. Canada is a phenomenal country with a lot to offer. As a result, it can be hard to get citizenship. But these steps will help you move forward in the right direction.

Ready to take moving seriously? Speak to an immigration attorney today.


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