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How to Add an Exhibit Sticker in Adobe: A Step-By-Step Guide

Did you know all lawyers must keep a proper filing system to keep track of active clients? Lawyers may handle many cases within a month. To document their files in an organized manner, they use an exhibit sticker.

Exhibit stickers are otherwise known as exhibit labels. They use these to file pleadings, exhibits, letters, reports, trial documents, and depositions. These stickers can save lawyers a lot of time by organizing their documents.

Adobe Acrobat provides ways on how to save more time. Through Acrolaw, they give legal professionals a way to add exhibit stickers on a PDF file.

Here’s how to create an exhibit sticker in Adobe Acrobat DC

What Is Adobe Acrobat?

Adobe Acrobat DC is a free PDF application. Acrobat is the most powerful PDF application because it can open and interact with all types of PDF files. Anyone with Acrobat can view, sign, print, share, and annotate PDFs. Sodapdf is available wherever you are and is a perfect solution to organise your documents.

If you like using Acrobat, you can sign up for an Adobe Acrobat Pro subscription. Acrobat Pro has more additional tools to help you edit your PDF documents. If you’re not ready to sign up for a subscription immediately, you can download the free 7-day trial.

Beginners Tutorial For Adobe Acrobat

Acrobat is a powerful user interface for anyone who wants to view and edit their PDFs. Adobe Acrobat DC has an easy-to-use interface that anyone can learn in minutes. Here are some of the basics.

Open Files In Home View

When you first open Adobe Acrobat, it will take you to Home View. Acrobat DC will take you to the Home tab if you don’t have a PDF file opened.

The left pane allows you to access multiple file lists. It will pull up documents from your Recents, Scans, and My Computer. It will also show documents shared For Viewing, For Review, and For Signature.

The center displays a To-Do panel of pending document actions. You will find the search box at the top right corner of your screen. Beside it, you will find a Learn and Support link and a notification bell.

Find Tools In the Tool Center

You will find all your Acrobat tools in the tool center. You will find the necessary tools to make edits in this tab. Adobe Acrobat DC will prompt you to open a file if you select Tools without a PDF open.

Adobe Acrobat DC also gives you a way to customize your tools shortcuts. The right panel shows a list of recently used tools. Add a shortcut by clicking the word Add under your desired tool.

How to Create an Exhibit Sticker in Adobe Acrobat DC

You can find some great exhibit labels here. Unfortunately, Acrobat doesn’t have built-in stickers. But online users have developed a dynamic sticker that allows you to add it to PDFs without scanning and reprinting.

To add exhibit stickers to your PDF, follow this guide:

  1. Download this PDF file to install your exhibit stickers.
  2. Depending on your platform, the process may be different. Follow the instructions appropriate to your device.

For Windows Users

Save your PDF file in the appropriate Stamps folder. For Windows 7 and above, you’ll find it under the AppRoaming folder. For WinXP users, you can find the Stamps folder under the Application folder.

The process may vary depending on your Adobe Acrobat DC configuration. You may need to look for the Stamps folder. To locate this folder, create a test stamp.

You may use any available graphics. Find your test file in the Stamp’s folder tagged with the current date.

In Windows 10, head to the Adobe DC folder, also under AppRoaming by default. Use the search bar to search for Stamps. Paste the PDF file into that folder and restart Acrobat.

For Mac Users

For Mac users with Acrobat Pro 9, open Finder. Press and hold the Option key, select Go, then Library. Doing this will open a window. Select Application Support, then click Adobe Acrobat.

Copy your downloaded PDF file into the stamps directory located in 9.0_x86.

If you use a Macbook Pro with macOS Mojave and Acrobat DC, follow these instructions. Right-click on the Adobe Acrobat application by tapping with two fingers on the touchpad. Alternatively, you can use Control+Click.

Locate and select Show Package Contents under Open. After you open Show Package Contents, locate and copy your Exhibits-Stamps file into the main Stamps directory. You may need to copy it into one of the language subfolders.

After following the necessary steps, restart your Adobe Acrobat DC.

How to Use the Dynamic Exhibit Stamps Tool

Launch Acrobat and open the file that you want to add an exhibit sticker to. Select Comment>Annotations>Stamp Tool. Select the Stamp Tool. Locate and select the Exhibit Stamp category.

Select a Stamp style. Click on the document where you want to place it. When prompted, input the exhibit number.

Additional Information About Dynamic Stamps

You can type anything into your stamp. Your dynamic stamp does not limit you to only letters or numbers.

Dynamic stamps have transparent backgrounds. The document will show through your stamp. Your stamps have vector elements that allow you to scale and resize without losing quality.

When you add a stamp, Acrobat adds it to the document metadata. If you delete a stamp then stamp it again, Acrobat will add the new number to the document’s metadata. To find the metadata, go to File>Properties>Custom tab.

The stamps are editable objects. You may accidentally move or delete them. You need to flatten a document to lock a sticker into place.

Now You Know How to Add an Exhibit Sticker in Adobe

Exhibit stickers are useful tools for legal workers to organize their documents. The dynamic sticker PDF gives you an intuitive way to add an exhibit sticker to your documents digitally.

Thank you for reading our tutorial on how to add exhibit stickers to your PDF documents.

Of course, this is only the beginning. If you need further counsel or a professional lawyer, we’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to get in touch now for all your legal needs.


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