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How The Los Angeles Tribune is Working With Top Lawyers to Help the Community

The Los Angeles Tribune has been setting an example for other local news organizations when it comes to community outreach programs. While many Newspaper brands focus exclusively on the delivery of local or global news, the Los Angeles Tribune is distinguishing itself as an industry leader that takes responsibility into its own hands to provide access, resources, and tools for the community at large.

Los Angeles Tribune and The Lawyers

They have organized a set of workshops for the public to have access to a series of lawyers pro-bono to help educate and inform the public of their civil rights, business insights, and protective law for everyday citizens as well as business owners. Over the years they have had many leaders in the legal field associated with them as speakers including the Founders/CEOs of Chugh Law, A1 Accident Lawyers, and  US Business Counsel just to name a few. This gives the general public access to information directly from the top of the companies and not just from associate or junior level lawyers.

Who are Personal Injury Lawyers

Next will be a public workshop with US Business Counsel leader Saji Gunawardane, who has had a background working both in Government as well as in the Private Sector. With Gunawardane serving both as a community leader as well as general counsel for the Tribune, this intimate relationship will be for the benefit of all aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners in Los Angeles County who may not be in a position yet to be able to hire a premium level attorney as general counsel. The series of upcoming workshops will be primarily Q&A-based to give as much one-on-one time for individuals with their unique needs as possible.

The Tribune’s new initiative is yet one example of how a local leader in business can step up and provide a need to the community by way of education and inspiration. There is not a shortage of lawyers in the network ready, willing, and able to provide their unique insights to the greater Southern California Community. As the saying goes, in order to practice your rights you must know your rights.

Professional Court Reporter

These workshops cover a whole most and myriad of legal subject matters that also serve as a method to give the people of Los Angeles access to premium level attorneys that in many cases the average citizen may not be able to afford. In a new poll, The Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania reveals just how ignorant the public is about even the most basic elements of our government and the Constitution that gives it shape.

  • More than one in three people (37%) could not name a single right protected by the First Amendment. THE FIRST AMENDMENT.

There is only 26 percent of Americans who can name the three branches of government. (38% were able to name all three branches in 2011).

  • One-third of Americans have trouble naming the branches of government. None of them. Even a single one.

Undocumented immigrants have no rights under the Constitution, according to 53% of respondents. The US, however, ensures that all citizens have the right to due process, at least the chance to make their case to the court.

Court Proceedings

The Los Angeles Tribune is working with community leaders, attorneys, and educators to make sure that the general public has the fundamental legal knowledge to make a lasting difference.  In addition to these community workshops that serve as educational tools as part of the initiative, there are opportunities for the general public to potentially have access directly to attorneys that are willing to work pro-bono to help improve the quality of the community for individuals that are either low income or in poverty. The principle of the initiative is to lead by example and show that every business has a moral responsibility to improve the quality of education in society.


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