How taking legal advice in immigration can help your cause?
Halt | June 7, 2019 | 0 Comments

How taking legal advice in immigration can help your cause?

Applying for a visa is not easy, and getting it approved is far more difficult unless everything goes right. A minor error can lead to its cancellation without even you recognizing where the fault was. Hence, it’s better to get legal help in this matter from experienced lawyers like Strategic Lawyers, to improve your chances of visa grant. Your lawyer can help you in many ways.

The benefits of hiring a legal advisor for visa application

Identify problems and suggest solutions for them

There can be certain situations due to which your visa can be rejected or cancelled. You may not be aware of those circumstances. But a migration lawyer can detect those areas quickly by asking you some relevant questions, and guide you on the steps that you would need to take. If possible, he can also seek exemption for you from the department based on your case.

Finish paperwork and legal procedures

At the time of applying for the visa, you need to consider multiple factors, such as the type of visa you require, job description, filling up answers on forms, date and time of submission of the documents, etc. For a common man, it’s not easy to handle deadlines or follow all the rules on how to fill the form and submit it. If you enter the wrong information or get late in your submission, your application will either cause visa rejection or delay in the procedures, which in turn, mean more expense. But all this is avoidable if you have an attorney to navigate you through this process.

Prepare written submission

A written submission document can be two to ten pages long depending on the nature of your case and the complications involved in it. If you hire a legal advisor, you can leave it to him to get this document ready and present it before the authorities by emphasizing on the positive sides and addressing the potential risks. The lawyer can also help you understand your choices in complex situations and build strategies around it.

Deal with the concerned authorities efficiently

A process of visa application involves tribunal members, courts, and immigration officers. They all are experts in their fields, and you need to possess a certain level of expertise and experience while dealing with them. Whether the information on the document has minor or severe errors, it would not matter to them. They can reject the application based on legal and practical grounds. Your emotional plea will not melt them. As you can understand, immigration laws are by themselves so complicated, and then there can be mistakes from the side of the government officers also. Whatever be the situation, it will be difficult for you to get a fair decision if you don’t know how to deal with it. But your attorney can convince the decision-makers or counter their opinions in your favour.

So, do you need a visa for your family, friend, or yourself? Consider going to a professional legal advisor, who specializes in this field. His experience and knowledge can prove beneficial to you.

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