Otto Group Migrated to Microsoft
Halt | March 27, 2021 | 0 Comments

How Otto Group Migrated to Microsoft 365: Successful Case

In 2020, Otto Group decided to migrate to Microsoft 365 with all the subsequent actions. The key reason was that different groups of users used numerous tools for interaction: Lotus Notes (for mailing and chat), Skype, Jira, Confluence, etc. Each solution is convenient, but when different groups have different tools, it is difficult to work together: you use copies of files, save and transfer data from one program to another, or send it by mail. All this consumed a lot of time and forced employees to master new programs, often differing in logic and functionality.

Switching From Lotus Notes Mail To Outlook

One-time switching from Lotus Notes mail to Outlook was entailed with high risks of stopping critical services. To reduce the risks and make the transition of users more comfortable, a hybrid solution similar to was created when both mail systems worked simultaneously. This allowed transferring users in parts and, at the same time, not overload technical support.

Switching From Lotus Notes Mail To Outlook

This concept was developed, and, in theory, everything was fine. There were no problems at the demo stage either. However, when testing on a real IT infrastructure, an interesting situation emerged. When activating a Microsoft 365 license, an account was automatically created in Outlook. Thus, it turned out that when one employee sent it from Outlook, the mail was delivered bypassing Lotus Notes. This situation was unacceptable since it was planned to first transfer all users to Windows 10 and Office 365 and then migrate them from one mail system to another. In this situation, the entire scheme lost its meaning.

Switching from Lotus Notes Mail to Outlook

As a result of brainstorming, a solution was found. In the Microsoft 365 platform, you can separately disable licenses for specific products. In this case, it was Outlook. This allowed the deployment of all Microsoft applications, but without activating the mail client. At the time of migration, they simply activated the license, and the hybrid started working. Despite all the challenges and trials, the project was completed exactly on time. And at the moment, all users of the company have been using Outlook in their work for several months.

The Workflow Automation

The Microsoft 365 platform brought together not only the local employees but also colleagues from other countries within the entire Otto Group. Working in united teams, they were able to get answers to their questions faster and share the information needed. It was great: in the modern world, reaction speed determines the success of a company!

The Workflow Automation

Also, due to COVID-19, many employees have been forced to work remotely for several months, which was not easy — to be isolated from colleagues and usual working tools. Office 365 has helped to be as efficient as possible during these challenging times.

Finally, Microsoft 365 allowed them to jointly make changes to the file (texts, tables, presentations). All these changes were displayed online and automatically saved. As a result, they always worked with the last version of the file.

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