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How Much Does A Family Lawyer Cost?

Hiring an attorney to handle legal issues is a costly pursuit. The fees can add up fast, and most people have heard stories of others being inundated with hidden fees. That’s why the firm is focused on offering transparent, honest, and reliable information. They follow the Florida courts’ guidelines on fees, and they strive to offer high-quality representation at an affordable cost.

What Does A Family Lawyer Do?

Experienced Family Lawyer

An attorney who practices family law handles cases including child custody, support, visitation, and divorce. They also assist in domestic violence-related cases, helping clients obtain restraining orders and other documents. Family attorneys with the Khonsari Law Group also take part in two other areas of law: prenuptial agreements and paternity litigation. Along with these crucial services, a family lawyer may serve as a go-between in contentious cases that arise from infidelity, abuse, and other marital problems.

Lawyers’ Fees In Marital And Family Law Cases

Under state law, an attorney filing cases in family court must have fixed hourly fees. Typically, Florida marital and family law cases cannot be accepted on contingency. Therefore, in most instances, a family lawyer’s fees can’t be based on the case’s outcome.

When you hire the firm, you’ll receive a straightforward, honest retainer contract that clearly outlines the firm’s hourly rate. Your attorney will discuss the rate with you, along with the logistics of the fee agreement, and they will answer your questions about the arrangement. They won’t begin work on your marital or family law case until you are comfortable with its costs.

Awarding Costs And Lawyer’s Fees In Florida Family Law Cases

Awarding Costs and Lawyer’s Fees in Florida Family Law Cases

According to Florida law, the court may award costs and fees in a divorce, child support, custody, modification, or enforcement proceeding. More specifically, the court may require a party to pay these fees on the other party’s behalf. This rule is in place to ensure that both parties have access to counselors who can represent them in court. These awards are sometimes made on an interim basis, but they are often made at the end of a case, so the financially insecure party is ensured access to counsel throughout the process.

In determining if attorney’s fees should be paid by either party, the courts consider factors such as the parties’ requirements and payment abilities, their finances, and whether the awarding of costs and fees is fair and reasonable.

Court costs are separate from lawyers’ fees, and they consist of the expenses incurred in opposing or bringing a lawsuit. Under state law, these amounts are given to the victorious party and may include filing fees for documents, expenses from witness depositions, court reporter’s fees, and other costs.

Providing Reliable, Affordable, And Honest Representation To Florida Families


When you’re coping with an emotional or difficult marital or family law issue, the last thing you need to think about is how you’ll afford to protect your rights and interests. At the Khonsari Law Group, the team is committed to offering quality representation at an affordable price. Their attorneys will always be open and transparent in providing information on costs and fees, and they’ll work with clients to request an award when the budget is tight.

Costs shouldn’t keep you from getting the legal counsel you need during a marital or family law case. If you have a family issue for which you need an attorney and have concerns about fees and costs, contact the firm by phone or email and ask for a no-obligation consultation.

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