How Much Can I Get For My Personal Injury Case?
Halt | July 17, 2019 | 0 Comments

How Much Can I Get For My Personal Injury Case?

Filing a personal injury case is a must if you want to get some money back for the struggle you have to go through. Whether someone has caused you to slip and fall, or was the cause for a car accident, they have to take responsibility for it. 

However, it’s hard to assume how much you will get for your injuries, which is why you need to consult with competent personal injury attorneys. So how much are you likely to get?

What Can You Get Compensation For?

You’re aware that you must receive cash, but what for, exactly? Here’s what you may get compensated for:

  • Property Loss – You’ve lost a car or any other item as a result of the accident.
  • Medical Bills – If you have to go through treatment for your suffering, then you’ll get compensation for it.
  • Emotional Turmoil – Aside from physical injuries, you may also suffer from emotional distress, and deal with insomnia, anxiety or depression. 
  • Pain and Suffering – The injuries you have as a result of the accident may cause pain and suffering for a long time.
  • Loss of Enjoyment – Because of the accident, you’ve lost your ability to enjoy your normal hobbies.

How Much Can You Get?

How much you’ll receive depends on the severity of the situation. In other words, the more grave your injuries and suffering, the more money you may receive. Usually, people can receive from $3,000 to $25,000, but in some cases, even more than that. The latter could be for people who have worse impairments and required more medication and treatment to cope with their suffering. 

Keep in mind there is no set price that applies to each case. The compensation is calculated according to the impact the injury has on you and your life from now on.

What Impacts the Outcome of Such Claims?

There are particular issues that you don’t have control over, and which can affect the way things settle after the claim. For instance:

  • The Insurance Policy of the Defendant

If the defendant has an insurance policy, then the company won’t offer settlements that exceed the limit of said policy. 

  • The Injuries

How bad are your injuries? Will they require minimal medical attention, and you’ll be able to go back to living normally? Depending on how bad you were hurt, you may get higher payouts. 


Personal injury cases can be difficult not only because you’re experiencing hardship or you might have lost things, but also because you deserve compensation. You’re bound to receive something to make up for your negative experience, yet it’s tough to tell an exact number. 

Hire an attorney that has experience and is willing to put time into your case. This way, if you have been hurt and the quality of your life has been affected, you have the chance to get more money to make up for it.

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