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How Long Do I Have To File A Personal Injury Claim?

Whether it is a road accident, a slip or fall at work, a falling brick at a construction site, or any other type of personal injury, it will not only cause you emotional pain but also affect your health and ability to earn a living for your family. From minor accidents to major ones, you deserve to be compensated for getting injured due to another person’s fault. How long do you have to file a personal injury claim?

A personal injury claim is not like other lawsuits and it is with this understanding that Turner Freeman Lawyers strive to help their clients understand everything about the case. Talk to us and we will tell you when to file the case, what the process will be like, and how much compensation you can expect.

Things To Remember About Personal Injury Claims

Take Time To Understand The Severity Of The Injuries

Personal Injury Lawsuits

You may think that you only have a minor injury only to discover later that more damage has been done on the inside. So, the first thing to do after an injury is not to file a claim. Rather, start by observing your body. Check if you have any scratches, mobility issues, and other problems associated with the injury.

To help you understand the severity of the injury even better, talk to your primary healthcare provider. Get checked and start taking the necessary treatment. Remember that your health should always be a priority. Plus, knowing the severity of your injuries will help you get the facts you will use to argue your case in court.

File A Personal Injury Claim As Soon As Possible

Personal Injury

You do not want to run into a deadline as you file your claim. To avoid this, the best approach is to file your lawsuit as soon as possible. Even if you are receiving medical treatment, do not wait until you are done. It is best to file the claim as you continue with treatment. Actually, if your injuries are serious, getting treatment may take a long time and by the time you are done, the time allowed to file a case will have elapsed.

Statute Of Limitations

Every state has laws that govern how soon one must file a personal injury case. Though these periods differ from one state to the other, it is set at two years for most states. These statute limitations dictate that cases must be filed within the set time limit. If you are unable to do so within this time, you will not be allowed to bring the matter up in the future. The time stipulated starts elapsing from the minute one is injured.

Are there any exceptions to the statute of limitations? These will differ from one state to another but generally here are some of the accepted exceptions:

  • If the person injured was below the age of 18 at the time of the accident.
  • If one did not know they had been injured.
  • If one may not have known who injured him or her.
  • The injured person is incapacitated due to the accident. This requires medical proof.

The amount of extension you can get will differ depending on the specific details of your case. To avoid any complications just file the case as soon as you can. It is advisable that you speak to a personal injury attorney as soon as you are injured.

Must You File A Personal Injury Case?

How Law Firms Value a Personal Injury Claim

An injury is costly to treat and adjusting to the changes it may have on your life is difficult. While some injuries can render a person unable to work, others may only need short-term medical treatment. No matter what kind of injury it is you have incurred, it will definitely change something about your life. You may not be able to work for a few hours, days, months, or even years. A personal injury case is meant to help relieve the financial constraints the injury brings. Though a claim will not give emotional healing, it will compensate you financially for your time, pain, and losses you may have incurred due to the injury.

It is not compulsory to file a personal injury case. However, you stand to benefit because you will get the justice you deserve and money to pay for expenses incurred due to the treatment. You will also be compensated for your time. Get started by talking to a personal injury lawyer today. You have nothing to lose because the lawyer fees will be deducted from the settlement given by the one at fault be it the owner of whatever inflicted the injury or their insurance company.

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