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How Do You Prove Anesthesiologist Malpractice?

What Happened While You Were Anesthetized?

You have surgery scheduled, and it makes no difference if the operation is minor or significant, your doctor and your anesthesiologist visits you in the pre-surgical unit. These two professionals are only two or maybe with a whole team of medical professionals taking care of you in the surgical suite. While every medical person is essential, the two at the top of most importance are your doctor and anesthesiologist.

Duties of an Anesthesiologist

It is the anesthesiologist who makes sure your condition remains stable during your surgery. They ensure life support systems such as oxygen delivery, vital signs remain stable, and your airway remains intact. If this professional messes up during your operation, this can cause you significant injury. But, how do you prove negligence, while you were asleep?

It may be the day after surgery or days or weeks before realizing that something must have happened to you during your operation, and your injuries connected to the anesthesiologist. Were your injuries due to malpractice? How do you prove that the anesthesiologist was negligent during your surgery? You do not prove anything. It is your medical malpractice attorney who must sort out all the specifics of your case.

Some common anesthesia errors happen more than you know, such as failure to educate dietary instructions, pre-op, too much, or too little anesthesia, not enough or too much delivery of oxygen, incorrect monitoring of vital signs, and failure to recognize impending complications.

Never Navigate the Judicial System Alone

Never navigate the judicial system without a malpractice attorney by your side. Start asking questions, and you get no answers. It is your malpractice attorney who can get to the source of any malpractice mistake related to your operation. The attorney’s job to prove an anesthesiologist’s negligence and the standard of care was in question and below-set criteria. It is up to your attorney to delve into your medical records, gain eyewitness testimony, and gather expert witnesses as this attorney works hard as your advocate. You deserve to know the truth and demand to find out what happened during your operation. When a possible lawsuit is pending, your attorney will get these questions answered.

Causes of Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Occurs when there is a breakdown in communication, documentation, sanitation procedures, shortages of staff, sleep deprivation of staff, personal dependence on chemicals to function, wrong diagnoses, missed diagnoses, prescription errors, medication overdoses, and under doses, incorrect surgical procedures,  wrong patient, contamination of instruments, nerve damage, infections, and much more.

Proving Medical Malpractice is the Attorney’s Job

Your medical malpractice attorney must prove the anesthesiologist caused the injury. It would be best if you verified that you had a loss of income, extra medical expenses, pain, and suffering related to your injuries. Did your doctor act in a way that was different than how a competent doctor would behave?

Medical malpractice lawsuits are intricate, complicated, and too sensitive for the general public to handle. Leave all the work and worry to your attorney. However, you have to work with your attorney as he is your guiding force towards a successful lawsuit outcome. Your attorney fiercely protects your rights as a patient.

Is Your Medical Malpractice Case Strong?

If the anesthesiologist caused you extended injury, pain, and suffering, never accept the outcome as something too difficult to prove because it is the malpractice attorney who can find out the truth to what happened as you lay in a deep sleep during your surgical procedure. You want to make sure the same thing does not happen to someone else.

Your medical malpractice attorney will not accept your case if you have no chances of winning your lawsuit. Your attorney can get you compensation for many things such as, but not limited to lost wages, medical expenses, ongoing care, physical and emotional suffering, and much more. You are entitled to have your day in court, and your voice heard by the court.

A medical malpractice attorney can help your loved one that you may have Power of Attorney such as a mother, father, or child. Medical negligence runs rampant across the United States more than you know. Most negligence episodes are swept under the rug and hushed quickly. Few medical mistakes are pursued into a court of law.

Most of these medical mistakes are non-life-threatening and insignificant and rarely reported. Other errors are more serious. Mistakes made by your anesthesiologist may not become apparent for days after your operation, and you never stop to consider that it was something that the anesthesiologist did that caused these adverse effects on your health.

Call a seasoned attorney experienced with malpractice cases at the first sign of medical negligence. Tell your story to this attorney and let this professional figure out if you indeed have a tangible lawsuit case to bring to court. Never start asking questions without your attorney by your side and never navigate the judicial system without a seasoned attorney.


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