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How Do I Defend Against an Auto Accident Lawsuit?

Car accidents are an intense and stressful time for all parties involved. The hardship is especially stressful for incidents involving property damage, injuries, and physical car wreckage. Being blamed and sued for an auto accident can be scary, but fortunately, there are ways to defend yourself. We’ll cover the best ways to mitigate your liabilities and potentially dismiss the case altogether.

Hire A Car Accident Attorney To Minimize Liabilities

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When another party claims that you’re the person at fault for the car crash, the law may require you to compensate the party for the damages and suffering they are currently receiving for your alleged actions.

Of course, you can deny liability, but investigations will ensue. And often, the other party will try to claim more than the amount they deserve. That’s why it is imperative to hire an auto accident attorney service like Zinda Law to protect your interests and yourself from exploitation.

Without an attorney, you are susceptible to exploitation, even if the accident wasn’t your fault. A lawyer will assess the situation and provide evidence to help reduce your percentage of the blame, which can drastically reduce the amount you owe.

The attorney can help you reach a settlement outside of court if it is your fault. It means you, the lawyer, can help you negotiate a fair settlement without being low-balled by the insurance company.

Never Admit Fault

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While it sounds counter-intuitive, you should never admit fault in your case. Trying to apologize and explain what happened will only hurt your case in the accident.

A car accident happens quickly and often; it’s hard to assess who is at fault. If the driver suffers an accident, they likely won’t be able to secure evidence after the crash, such as photos or your contact information. Do your best to gather the information after the accident, and do not act on your own accord before speaking to an attorney.

It can help if you prove that you followed traffic laws and demonstrated safe driving etiquette on the road. For example, having a driver’s cam can show footage that proves your innocence.

Avoid Negligence

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Negligence in legal terms means a person failed to exercise care to protect others. There are plenty of ways to defend your case. Assuming you didn’t admit fault, the other driver has to provide a winning case against your argument. Some of the negligence claims you could make are:

  • Duty: You can argue that you are not responsible for their duty of care in the first place.
  • Breach: You can argue that you didn’t breach the negligence duty.
  • Cause: If you did breach the duty, you could claim that it wasn’t the cause of their injuries.
  • Damage: You can claim that the party didn’t suffer damages.

An attorney even finds fault in the driver for contributing to their own injuries. Many external factors could help exonerate the case. For example, perhaps the city didn’t make reasonable efforts to fix a broken stoplight. Or the drinking establishment can be held liable for serving a person who was already clearly intoxicated. Attorneys can help determine fault after an accident so that you aren’t solely to blame.

Final Thoughts

Defending yourself in a lawsuit isn’t something you should do alone, especially if you have serious allegations. Having an auto accident lawyer as your advocate can help to reduce your liabilities by using evidence and specific laws to help prove you’re not totally at fault. Consulting with your attorney should be the first step in the process so that they can strategize a game plan for your defense.

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