Domestic Violence
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How Do Domestic Violence Laws Vary From Country To Country?

Domestic violence is a curse that plagues the entire world. But how the world reacts to it in the form of laws varies from country to country. Every continent has a different definition of what it considers to be domestic violence.

Why Domestic Violence Laws Differ

Domestic violence attorneys working in one country may be unfamiliar with the laws of another country. Just take the example of American domestic violence laws in contrast to Australian domestic violence laws. You’ll be comparing apples and oranges. Read on to find out more.

Domestic Violence


About 10 million cases of domestic violence occur every year sadly. This has raised the demand for a domestic violence lawyer nationwide in the United States. There is not one comprehensive definition of domestic violence. All fifty states are allowed to pursue domestic violence cases in their own way. Under the Violence Against Women Act (1994) and the subsequent amendments to it two years later, domestic violence is considered a national crime and whosoever commits it deserves punishment from the highest courts.

Typically, domestic violence is considered a criminal act, and the abuser can end up in jail. In some states, the abusers are arrested on the spot. Unfortunately, this mandatory arrest law is not practiced nationwide.

Other parts of domestic violence laws grant security to the victims. Victims are granted safety during the case hearings, along with financial compensation in addition to other important safety rights.

Domestic Violence Laws


Australia is no different than America in creating laws to stop and discourage domestic violence. It had domestic violence laws as early as the 1970s. Unfortunately, to this day Australia faces numerous cases of domestic violence. Over 3 million people were subjected to domestic violence that included physical and emotional abuse at home, alone in 2016.

In national law, domestic violence is termed as violence of one intimate partner against another. The states are given free rein to manipulate this according to their state laws. Usually, domestic violence law is expanded at state level in order to include family members other than spouses to the list of domestic abusers.


From 2008 to 2019,  domestic violence lawyers have aggressively advocated and pursued the expansion of domestic violence laws to include sexual abuse and child abuse, and to provide safety to victims during and after the court hearings. They have been so far successful in creating tougher stances on domestic violence and tend to focus on giving tougher sentences to set an example for future would-be abusers.

Domestic Violence

The Bottom Line

Every country has a distinct set of domestic violence laws. It is due to the cultural differences that people view domestic violence differently, hence, try to curtail it differently. The legal jargon may be the same, but the intricacies differ significantly. While, in the United States, most of the domestic law manipulation is left to the state and local judicial systems, whereas,  in Australia, the main definition of domestic violence is given in national law that is then used by state authorities according to their judicial systems.

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