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How Corporate Legal Teams Manage Their Time Better And Minimize Work

Nowadays, maintaining a well-functioning and efficient legal team has become very difficult. This is because these legal teams are being forced to get more work done with the little resources.

This has resulted from the evolving legal department responsibilities and financial constraints. It has forced most corporate legal teams to find better ways to be more productive at work while utilizing the shortest time possible.

If you do not think that time has been a big factor in running these teams, think about how much could be done in an hour during a regular workday. For this reason, the question isn’t how these legal teams can find an extra hour in a day but how they can make the most out of the time they have.

With this in mind, several corporate legal teams have put into place measures that are bound to improve overall efficiency and productivity so that they can serve as many clients as possible.

Here is how more corporate legal teams are managing their time better and minimizing the work at hand;

Ways Followed By Legal Teams To Manage Their Time & Work

1. By Implementing New Technologies

By implementing new technologies

We all know that technology gets most work done in the shortest time possible and efficiently. For this reason, technology is being implemented in more sectors by the day, and the legal sector isn’t an exception either.

More corporate legal teams are using technology to automate their activities and improve efficiency and productivity. In-house legal teams depend on an enterprise legal management system, knowledge management, and electronic document storage and management to be more productive.

By adopting these methods, in-house legal teams have found themselves with less administrative work to navigate through and are now focusing more on practicing law. These methods have also helped these teams achieve more accuracy in their work and better manage their businesses.

The best part of these new technologies is that the teams do not need to spend their valuable time looking for organizational forms and knowledge. Automating time-consuming activities has been a great way for legal teams to release their members to focus on more pressing matters.

It’s also important to note that automating these activities has improved the working atmosphere in the departments since the members are working on the projects that matter.

2. By Using Playbooks And Templates

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Technology isn’t the only thing that in-house legal teams are using to improve their productivity and time management. By using templates and playbooks, in-house legal teams are streamlining their service delivery to clients in the simplest and most efficient manner possible.

By developing playbooks and templates, legal teams do not need to standardize how they work on specific projects. Also, by using these techniques, these teams do not need to keep on creating new schedules or outlines for the same repetitive tasks.

This can be as simple as creating a template on Microsoft Word which indicates the scope and the important details regarding a particular project and how to allocate resources to it. The best thing about templates is that they can be adapted effectively depending on the type of project the legal team has in hand and still be as efficient as ever.

By creating playbooks and templates for these tasks, in-house legal teams can price and structure their projects accordingly and even add an alternative fee which leads to even better productivity and efficiency.

These projects will require less time to complete but still earn the same or even more than before, which is something every legal department dreams of.

3. By Hiring Legal Department Operations Professionals

By hiring legal department operations professionals

Most in-house legal teams are affected by the activities which arise in the corporations they work for. While some of these administrative works might be necessary for the success of the corporations, they end up taking much time from the in-house legal teams.

For this reason, most corporate legal teams have come up with a solution to getting most of these administrative works done without interfering with their law practice. They have achieved this by hiring legal department operation (LDO) professionals whose main duty is to carry out the business operations.

Doing this gives the in-house legal team adequate time to be more productive and efficient in their legal work and serve their clients accordingly. The best thing about bringing in LDOs is that they’re not limited to specific duties but can also work closely with legal teams to carry out minor but critical duties.

With the above methods and more, in-house legal teams have enough options to improve their efficiency and productivity. By following these tips, these teams are bound to utilize the time they have in the best way possible to better the corporation.

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