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How Coffee Help You Become a Better Lawyer

So you’ve studied for years and years and spent many sleepless nights wondering if you’d get a high enough score on your LSAT test to get into the school you have always dreamed of.  You’ve sacrificed nights out with friends, time with significant others, and even had to miss a few family functions along the way. You’ve most likely gone deep into student debt pursuing your passion for the rule of law and of course the paycheck that may accompany that passion.

Now, you’ve finally either got a job at a great law firm or you may even have your own practice.  Things are moving forward and you may have even paid off that dreaded student debt already. You may be doing well and winning some cases or enjoying some unexpected victories now and then.  However, you are ready to take it to the next level with a daily cupo.

One great tool you can use to boost your performance and become a better lawyer is to drink coffee.  Sure you used it to pull all-nighters or get yourself out of bed for class after a long night of, well a long night of being a college kid.  However, when used strategically coffee has shown to pose some great benefits that any lawyer can use to up their game.

First, you can use coffee as a sort of meditation process at the start of your day.  This will work wonders for your health in general; especially for reducing your stress levels while clearing your mind for the day to come.  Use this time to plot out the day’s moves. Go over your schedule and visualize how each meeting, court appearance, or motion will go. See it all happening in your favor and see yourself being the best version of you in those moments.

Doing this simple exercise while sipping on your coffee can have extremely positive benefits to your practice.  Not to mention the caffeine and flavonoids in your coffee really can get you motivated and energized.  Rituals are great for success and this tiny ritual can be of huge benefit for you as a lawyer.  It should be stated that studies have shown that a warm cup of coffee provides better mental health benefits than a cold one.  There seems to be something more grounding when you drink a warm coffee as opposed to iced.

Ok, so it’s mid-day and you’re running out of gas.  You have a big meeting in a half hour and you’re simply drained from the long day you’ve already endured.  Fighting traffic just to get to the office, then fighting the D.A. or another lawyer to win your case. Perhaps you had to deal with a judge that is not on your side?  Either way now is the time to have a nice cup of joe and reboot.  Now is the time to center yourself and kick ass on this meeting.  This could be a life changer and coffee is there at your side to power you through.


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