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How Can You Tell If A Moving Company Is Legit?

Since relocating is almost inevitable, there are many moving companies in the industry to facilitate this process. Planning and executing a moving solo can be a hectic process, but with assistance from professionals, the journey becomes shorter. At the same time, all the companies speak volumes of the kind of services they offer and meeting all the requirements, but there will always be a bad apple in the bunch. Before deciding to let someone take charge of your belongings, you have to ensure they are legit.

Below are some ways to help you through the process


Before anyone starts a moving business, they need to get a permit from the relevant regulatory body. First, check the transportation department to confirm the registration of the vehicles under the name of the business for confirmation purposes. There is also a moving company directory that has a compilation of all the certified movers. Check if your desired company appears on the list or not. The regulations vary depending on the moving a company provides. If you opt for the type that deals remotely within a state, confirm with the state regulations. However, the more prominent companies that engage in interstate moves will need certification from the federal government. The licensing laws vary from state to state, making time to do in-depth research for verification purposes.


Moving is a job that requires prior planning to ensure that everything plays out as planned. However, in various circumstances, the movers can face hurdles like accidents resulting in property damage. Reliable cross country movers who understand this situation have invested in insurance. Insurance plays a vital role in cushioning both parties against substantial liabilities in the event of such occurrences. If you are dealing with an interstate mover, confirm if they have full value protection and released value as required by the state. It means that your movers will take responsibility for the replacement of items lost or destroyed through the shipping. It is a comprehensive move that guarantees complete replacement after a loss. Release value protection on the hand means that your choice of moving company can only take the liability of up to sixty percent of the damaged goods. Additionally, the company needs to have insurance for the business as an extra validation that their business is operating under clear grounds.

How Did They Arrive At An Estimate?

Before moving companies give you an estimation of their prices, they usually undertake an inspection of the amount of property through a video recording or send an employee to your house. They will, later on, make their considerations and then send you the figures. Therefore when a moving company offers you a quote before they even check the amount of property at hand, it means they are a scam. It is a red flag that should make you cut contact immediately. Also, you should try and get estimations from at least three cross country movers. They should be comprehensive entailing of every coin they charge you instead of surprising you with an unreasonable bill.

Do They Have A Website?

In this era where the internet is like another place on earth, every shrewd entrepreneur understands the importance of having an online platform. There are many famous social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that have massive users, thus an excellent place to get clients. People in business take advantage of this to become visible to any visitors. It is also a marketing strategy that does not cost much. Therefore, once you spot a company that seems appealing, go to the internet first and see if they appear. In case they don’t, refrain from making further follow-ups. It is a warning sign that means their business does not run under the right requirements.

Do They Have An Identity?

There are various movers in the market; therefore, each of them needs to have a unique identity that will make then stand out of the crowd. A good and reliable cross country moving company should have its employees wearing shirts with the logo of the company. They should have name tags for easy identification. Their vehicles need to get branded with clear information about the location and address. Before someone starts up a company, they need to establish a unique name relevant to the kind of business they are operating. Check out AMSA for more information on this.


Customer feedback is a vital factor in determining the kind of reputation a business has in the market. The best way to get this information is by visiting the reviews section on their websites and also websites like BBB and Yelp. Clients will always give unbiased feedback on the kind of service they got. A company without such requirements mean it does not exist. There should be at least a reference to verify the information they offer you. If they have complaints, enquire how they approached the situation, and for clarification, you can contact the customers. However, many complaints mean bad service brewing. It is a red flag and should discourage you from going on with the business.

Last but not least, any reputable cross country moving company employees need to operate with high levels of professionalism. For instance, they should know better not to position glass items near wood as it can expose them to risk. Check on Moving.com to view the list of all licensed movers. Additionally, scrutinize them based on all the aspects mentioned above to be on the safe side.


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