DUI Charge
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How Can I Defend Myself Against a DUI Charge?

Being pulled over by the authorities and being caught drunk driving will have a negative impact on your criminal record. A DUI charge is a severe criminal charge; in some circumstances, you might face jail time.

If you are charged with your first DUI charge, Kirsch & Kirsch, LLC – DWI Attorney Jefferson City confirms that the judge might be more lenient. However, it all depends on your defense. Although you will receive a driver’s license suspension, you might still be able to drive to work and other essential locations using an interlock ignition system.

A DUI charge can affect many areas of your life, making it difficult to find new employment, enroll in an educational institution, or even find housing. To avoid such circumstances, you can hire a qualified attorney to represent you in court. They will maximize your chances of avoiding any life-long consequences, especially if you are on your first offense. If you were charged with a DUI, here is what you should know:

What Is A DUI Charge?

DUI Charge

A DUI charge happens when the authorities pull you over under the suspicion that you are drunk driving. In Missouri, a DUI is a serious criminal charge. You will receive a DUI charge if you are under the influence of controlled substances such as alcohol or drugs. You have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08% or higher, or in the case of commercial drivers, a 0.4% blood alcohol content. The first time you receive a DUI charge classifies as a class B misdemeanor and has penalties such as a six-month jail sentence, fines, and driver’s license suspension.

How Will A DUI Affect You?

DUI law

Suppose you are at your first DUI offense. In that case, you will receive a DUI charge if you fail a BAC test or due to intoxication. As a consequence, you might have your driver’s license suspended for 90 days. In that case, the authorities might allow you to attend work, school, medical appointments, treatment centers, or court obligations.

If you are charged with your first DUI offense, you could receive a 30-day driver’s license suspension, followed by a 60-day RDP (Restricted Driving Privilege). In other cases, you might receive an immediate 90-day RDP. In both cases, you will have an interlock ignition device to ensure that you are driving only in certain circumstances agreed upon by the judge.

Create A Strategy Plan With Your Lawyer

Lawyer and client

Receiving a DUI charge can have lifelong consequences in your life. A criminal charge in your record might affect your possibility of finding employment or getting accepted into certain educational institutions. Even finding housing might become a difficulty when you have a DUI charge. When your situation looks so grim, hiring a criminal defense attorney will help you through this period by making a strategy and guiding you through the entire process.

Many aspects of DUI convictions can be contested with a good lawyer by your side.

You can schedule a consultation with a DUI lawyer to evaluate your case and list your options. DUI cases can be complex, and choosing to represent yourself in court might not give you the desired results. Having proper legal representation in court will help your case. A qualified attorney will know how to handle your case and reduce the possibility of receiving a DUI charge on your criminal record.


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