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How Can A Lawyer Help You After A Hurricane?

Most homeowners purchase a property insurance policy to protect themselves against any financial loss that they might incur caused by weather damage. Say, for instance, your house has sustained severe damage in a hurricane, and you are looking at extensive repairs before you can make your home livable. Then you can approach your insurance company and claim for damage repairs. If you live in a place like Tampa, which is prone to hurricanes and strong winds, it is all the more necessary to have proper insurance that will help you protect yourself against such financial losses. However, there is no such thing as hurricane insurance. Hence, it is necessary to hire a lawyer specializing in insurance cases that deal with a hurricane damage claim. If you have recently faced a hurricane and find that your property has been damaged by it, then you should Contact a Hurricane Damage Attorney in Tampa and have him evaluate your claims. Some of the ways that your attorney can help you with the claims process are as follows:

Hiring A Lawyer After Facing A Hurricane

1. When Do You Need To Hire A Hurricane Damage Lawyer In Tampa?

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The first thing that you should do is get in touch with an attorney who works on hurricane damage claims cases to evaluate the property insurance policy. He will evaluate the damage that your property has sustained. For example, if the roof of your home has been completely damaged and has to be replaced entirely, then you can claim roof replacement expenses from your insurance company. But the insurance policy that you have purchased should provide coverage for roof replacement. Your attorney will evaluate the policy and check the coverage that the policy provides. Sometimes the policies have additional advantages, which you might not be aware of, and as a layperson, you might miss. However, your lawyer can negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company representative. Your lawyer will ensure that your claims are upheld. It’s crucial to assess both your policy documents and the hurricane insurance claim you’ve made, and only your attorney can provide the necessary assistance for this task. So, when you file a claim with the insurance company, you must get it evaluated by your lawyer and then process the claim.

2. Your Attorney Will Negotiate On Your Behalf With The Insurance Company Representatives

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Seeing your house getting damaged in a hurricane can be a traumatic incident. After such a saddening event, if you have to bargain with the insurance company representative, the entire process can be highly stressful. However, you mustn’t accept the insurance company’s deal because the chances are there that they are underpaying. In many cases, insurance companies often refuse to pay the claims. To avoid such a situation, you need a hurricane damage attorney who will represent you and negotiate a deal on your behalf. Sometimes insurance companies refuse to pay the benefits stating that the claims are too high or the homeowners did not take proper precautions to prevent the damage. All of these need to be refuted adequately in legal terms, which can be done only by an attorney. So, when you are discussing your claims with an insurance company representative, it is crucial to have your attorney present. He will negotiate with the insurance company representative on your behalf. It will reduce your stress and understand your difficulties.

3. Taking Your Case To Court

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Sometimes insurance companies refuse to pay the claims, and as a policyholder, you are left with no option but to take the case to court. Here your lawyer can help you in the following manner:

  • Since he is there with you right from the moment you filed your claims with your insurance provider, he is the best person to present your case in court.
  • He can represent your court and uphold your rights.
  • He will be able to tell you about the merits of your case. This will give you an idea of your chances of getting the entire claim.
  • When your case goes to trial, the filing of all necessary documents, acquiring evidence and witnesses supporting your case will be done by your attorney.

Filing of a civil litigation suit by your lawyer will be done only after a consultation with you. But your lawyer will always advise you whether you should consider filing the suit. In other words, he will give you his opinion about the pros and cons of filing the suit. After that, it will become easier for you to make a decision. Your attorney will always work for your best interest.

4. Your Lawyer Will Evaluate The Damage And Provide Claims

Your lawyer will evaluate the damage and provide claims

Legal firms and lawyers have their home inspectors and experts who evaluate the damage that their clients’ houses have suffered. With the help of their expertise, your attorney can provide you with an estimate of the benefits that you can claim from your insurance company. When you file for claims, it is essential to evaluate two factors, the damage that your house has suffered, and the coverage provided by your property insurance policy. When your lawyer evaluates the two of these, he can estimate the claims you can ask your insurance provider. This is necessary to ensure that your insurance company cannot refuse to pay the claims or tries to underpay. If you claim too much, then your insurance company can refuse to pay the claims ultimately.

When you have suffered something like a hurricane, it is natural to feel distressed, but it is essential to gather all necessary documents to file your insurance claim. When the hurricane is over, the first thing that you should do is take pictures of the damage that your house has suffered because that can work as evidence when you file for claims. After that, you should get in touch with a hurricane damage claims lawyer and discuss how many benefits you can claim. It would be best to involve an attorney right from the beginning so that there are no issues in processing the claims. Once the claims come through, you will find that your financial stress has reduced significantly. Learn more about Louis Law Group, a Florida Hurricane Damage law firm, via this Haiti Open Magazine business profile.


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