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How Banners Can Advertise a Law Practice

Banners are one of the most informative ways to target your clientele in a close proximity. As banners are usually situated outside, or close to your workplace, they help to draw in customers. That is if they have been created correctly and have the correct and enticing information on them.

Usually, banners come in three main materials – vinyl, mesh, and fabric. Each of these materials offers their clients unique benefits. You would decide upon which one to use based on the location you hope to house your banner, the longevity of the banner, and the space you have to make available. Banners can help advertise any business, especially a law practice. Below are some of the main ways banners can advertise law practices well.

Benefits Of Using Banners

Customer Education

banner for law firm

If the purpose of your print promotional strategy is to educate your potential customers, then banners are a great way to do this. Creating education banners could mean your law practice would choose to invest in fabric banners.

They are usually made in polyester or satin and allow for a very clear picture to be transferred onto them. As the banner is fabric, it is easy to store and can be cleaned and reused over and over. This may be beneficial for law firms that frequent trade events, business events or to inform new clients of their offerings.

Customer educational banners could also just include your law firm’s contact information and new promotions or services that your firm offers. Whilst this is considered a basic way to promote your law business, it is a necessity. If you are just starting or branching out into some new areas, then an educational banner could be the catalysis into new, loyal clients.

Customer Engagement

Within the marketing mix, customer engagement is one the most sought-after outcomes of promotional activities. All businesses aim to gain good customer engagement with their clients. This is because they hope to build a rapport with their clients, which then can help them refocus and target their strategies.

Customer engagement can be experienced via humor, increasing interest through promotions, and offering customers a way to engage with your business. Banners can do this by asking leading questions, offering numbers or email addresses to get feedback, or showcasing funny ads that can lead your clients to their social media pages.

These kinds of banners would usually be showcased outside a law firm’s physical practice. Depending on the focus and severity of the cases your law practice takes would decide the format and type of banner you would use.

New Clients

lawyer and client

Investing in well-crafted and thought-out banners to increase new clientele is a great strategy. Banners can really implement the purchasing decisions and interests of potential clients. If you work closely with a graphic designer, you could really influence your target market with ease. The more time you spend developing a well-thought-out banner, the more potential new clients you could reach.

As a law firm, getting new clients can be difficult as there is a specific market for their service. Banners for more clients seemed to be an outdated way of thinking about securing a new diverse client mix. Nevertheless, by moving from the stereotypical, solely online format to incorporating physical banners, your local area may consider your practice as a go-to for their lawyer needs.

Showcase New Offers


Banners are notoriously used by many businesses to showcase new offers. They stereotypically use large eye-catching fonts and focus on the price discount you can save when opting to choose your business over others. These banners are not restricted to outside the store, but the surrounding local area. This is in the hope that customers would see the banner and would reinforce purchasing decisions.

Showcasing new offers as a law firm can be quite difficult, especially if they want to do it correctly. You should design your banner layout to really focus on your new offers or services at your practice and tastefully promote them. Law firms could do this through banners in close proximity to their practices, in the local area, and matching them with online and other promotions.

They could incorporate codes on banners that could take them to their site and showcase their offer. It is important that every bit of the law practice’s marketing promotions connect, as their overall message will be much stronger.


There are many different ways that a law practice can advertise their firm using banners. Banners are a great way to inform, educate and promote your law firm. The most important element of a successful banner would have to be the planning stage. All print promotions need to be well planned and executed correctly to ensure a good response. Your law practice can grow its customer base, engage their target market and showcase new offers all whilst educating them and keeping them interested in your law practice.

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