Defend Your DUI Cases
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How Helpful is Hiring an Attorney to Defend Your DUI Cases?

Driving Under Influence (DUI) is considered a crime by many countries. Therefore, a criminal court takes control of the proceedings- with an aim of either proving or disproving that the suspect is guilty.

If you have been charged with Driving Under Influence (DUI), you’d most likely be needing a lawyer- whether a public defender or a private lawyer. Either way, how helpful is hiring an attorney to defend your DUI cases?

This article aims to answer that question. Stick with us and you’d be glad you did.

Do you really need an attorney?

DUI is a serious criminal case that could cost you your employment and your future. If you’d have any shot at saving your driving license or get your drunk driving fine reduced, using an attorney is inevitable. Although there’s the option of self-representation in the court, hiring an attorney that majors in drunk driving cases may be able to reduce your charges or preserve your driving privileges.

Why you might need a DUI lawyer

Here are three reasons why bringing in a DUI lawyer into your case could be useful.

DUI laws are very complex

If you’d be escaping- or at least, succeed in calming- the wrath of the law, you would be needing someone who knows the ins and out of that very law. While there might be a lot of competent lawyers out there, DUI lawyers are specialists in this field- in other words, they know how to play around with these laws.

An attempt to represent yourself would be a gross error and a massive step towards failure. Why?

You don’t know the law as much as a DUI lawyer would.

They’ve got experience

It’s one thing to know the law, it’s another thing to know how to apply the law. And, a skillful application of the law is dependent on how much experience you’ve got in that field. With how much is at stake, you would be needing someone who knows around.

You know who that is! A DUI lawyer. Maybe even a Portland DUI lawyer

Get your forms right

The battle isn’t only won in the courtroom. If you are charged with a DUI case, you’d have a mountain of paperwork to conquer. A DUI lawyer can show you around- what forms are important and how to fill them appropriately.

Public Defenders Vs Private lawyers

Now that you understand that you’d be needing a DUI lawyer, would you rather go for a public defendant or a private lawyer?

What’s your pick?

Many a time, if you cannot afford the fee of private lawyers, you are entitled to a court-appointed counsel. These court-appointed counsels are mostly from the public defender’s office. If a council isn’t available at the moment, the court would normally appoint a “Panel attorney”. Typically, a panel attorney is a private lawyer whose fees have been settled by the court.

If this is your first clash with the law, you’d be pretty much confused about which representation suits your case best. Regardless of what you think, here’s a fact: Most individuals complain about not getting enough attention from their public defenders. And truthfully, these defenders are very busy people.

Although public defenders tend to have good trial skills due to the constant cases they attend to, a common disadvantage is their lack of time. And you don’t pick a defender- who you get is who you get.

On the other hand, while it might cost you some bucks, hiring a private attorney could be worth it! Private attorneys who major in DUI cases often have an in-depth understanding of the law and expertise which always leads to a more satisfactory result.


Being charged with a DUI case doesn’t mean you can’t escape the claws of the law. You can, however, with the right approach. Get a DUI lawyer today and increase the probability of bagging a win during the trial.

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