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The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Reckless Driving Attorney

Over the past couple of years, America’s roads have gotten more dangerous. According to, incidents of reckless driving have skyrocketed, with the number of people arrested for driving under the influence also rising to a historic high. If you find yourself facing a charge of reckless driving, you need to lawyer up.

If convicted, you could face thousands of dollars in fines, a driving ban, and even jail time. However, by choosing the right reckless driving attorney for your case, you can fight for the outcome you deserve. Here’s how to do it.

Choose a Local Reckless Driving Attorney

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When hiring a reckless driving lawyer, it is essential that you choose a firm that is locally based.

If you opt for a national firm or a firm with a minimal presence in your region, you risk hiring a lawyer that does not understand local laws or who is not familiar with the local courts.

This could spell disaster for your case. Always choose a firm with a large presence in your area.

For example, if you are fighting a reckless driving case in Virginia Beach, you could choose a firm like They have a proven track record of winning such cases in this region, meaning they could be your best shot at success.

Look for the Right Experience

It is not enough for your lawyer to be a local. They should always be able to prove that they have fought more than one car wreck case like yours and have won. Ask to see a portfolio of relevant cases that your prospective firm has won.

Make sure that these cases have parallels with yours. For example, if you are a reckless driving victim looking to sue, choose a firm that has successfully represented other victims in the past.

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Don’t Take Their Word for It

Even if a law firm has all of the awards and accolades in the world, don’t take them at their word. If they are worth their stripes, they will be happy to provide you with client testimonials from cases they have won.

Better yet, do your own research. Look as widely as possible for online reviews for any firm you are considering. This is often the best way to determine what kind of experience awaits you as a client.

Always Take the Free Consultation

Most law firms in practice areas such as reckless driving will offer a free consultation, where a lawyer can assess your case and discuss its strength. As explained at, it is important that you prepare for your consultation ahead of time.

This is also an opportunity for you to ask questions and conduct a job interview for the lawyer. This is why you should always take it. When you are in your consultation, consider asking the following questions:

  • How many reckless driving cases have you won?
  • Will you be available at any time to answer my questions?
  • Do you have access to reckless driving investigators and experts?
  • What resources will you devote to my case?

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By answering these questions, you can find out whether the lawyer is willing to go the extra mile for you.

Get the Legal Support You Need Today

Whether you’re a victim or a defendant, finding the right reckless driving attorney is essential. By following these steps, you can filter out the ambulance chasers and find the right representation for your needs.

If you need more expert advice and insights on finding the legal support you need, we have got you covered. Use our Lawyer directory to conduct bespoke searches across the US legal industry.

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