Slip and Fall Injury
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Why Should You Hire An Attorney For A Slip And Fall Injury Case?

There are a few personal injury cases that don’t require an attorney’s assistance. For example, you might make an injury claim all by yourself after a minor car accident with the driver being guilty. However, it isn’t apt for self-representation for two crucial reasons when it comes to a slip and fall case.

  1. The fault for any slip and fall accident isn’t always clear. Also, the property owners won’t assume legal accountability for an accident until the liability is apparent.
  2. It’s usual for defendants in slip and fall injury cases to argue that plaintiff’s damages are not as bad as they claim.

Hence, a lawyer’s job in a slip and fall injury case is to get the defendant’s and the insurance company’s attention, who might not attach the required seriousness to a self-represented claimant. However, because such cases generally boil down to damages and liability, it is essential to know how your attorney can help. You can check out slip and fall injury attorneys from The Accident Network Law Group to learn more about it.

How can an attorney help?

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Do you want your slip and fall injury case to reach a fair outcome? If yes, then you and your attorney should get ready to prove that the concerned property owner was negligent. Also, it is essential to verify that the negligence has caused your injury.

The initial thing that an attorney will do is find out how the injury took place. Falls take place fast. And most people fail to understand how they went from walking down the store aisle and got to the ground injured.

The necessary questions

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For instance, you fell down the stairs. It’s just the starting point of the inquiry. Next, your attorney needs to address questions like:

  • Did the foot miss out on a step?
  • What footwear were you on?
  • Did you hold the handrail?
  • Were you carrying anything? If yes, in which hand were you carrying it?
  • Did the foot slip or trip?
  • Where were you staring as you were climbing down the stairs?

All these data are critical, and it just addresses the way you had fallen. And after this, the lawyer needs to find ways to hold a defendant legally accountable for the slip and fall injury. Therefore:

  • Did you actually miss any step?
  • Did you slip on any substance? Was there a step defect?
  • Did you trip over a bag strap, coat, or anything else?
  • Did you try to reach for anything when you lost your balance?
  • Were you speaking on the phone, or were you distracted?
  • Did the risers vary in height? Did that make you lose your balance and fall?

slip and fall accident

An expert lawyer will seek out to investigate the scene. They will also discuss the probabilities and other aspects with you. It will help them to determine precisely how and why you slipped and fell. Additionally, the liability investigation will also add an assessment of the applicable federal, state, and local laws for deciding if the property conditions violated any regulation or statute. Last but not least, the slip and fall injury attorney will also retain and contact the experts as per their requirement for bolstering your position.

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