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When Is the Right Time to Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney?

Americans of all demographics rely on the promise of social security for their senior years. If you’re one of these Americans, you’ve likely relied on the promise of these funds for many years. That is why putting in a claim for social security and getting denied can feel like a huge blow.

It happens to plenty of people, however. If you’ve had your claim denied by the federal government, you need to seek the assistance of a social security disability attorney as soon as possible. An experienced attorney will be able to appeal your case and fight for you to get the money you need.

When is the right time to hire this kind of help?

Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know

How Social Security Works

When should you hire one of the many hard-working social security disability attorneys out there? It depends on the particulars of your situation. The more you understand how social security works and why you might need help, the better sense you’ll have about the right time to hire help.

Understanding the laws regarding social security will also allow you to better communicate with an attorney and explain your situation.

The basics of social security are quite clear: these payments are intended for Americans who have a medical condition that could be considered a disability. In this case, disability refers to any sort of condition that would prevent an individual from being able to do long-term work.

If you are able to go to work or have some sort of income still coming in, you would not be eligible for social security disability payments.

The other major requirement individuals need to meet to be approved? You need to have worked in positions at some point that paid into the social security fund. If you were employed and saw a small percentage of your paycheck go to social security costs, you should be eligible for the fund as you reach your older years.

If you’ve never paid into social security, you likely won’t be able to access the benefits now.

The majority of social security denials result from disputes over a person’s disability status This is where a social security disability attorney can step in and provide assistance.

When Should You Seek Legal Help?

You might be at various different stages of the social security process when reading this post. You might have already been denied by the government, or you might not yet have submitted your first claim request.

When is the right time to get an attorney on your case, especially if an attorney will be able to help your odds of getting accepted?

That really depends on you. You certainly aren’t required to have an attorney when applying for aid. However, you have to accept that the odds are not in your favor. Most people who apply for social security benefits without an attorney are rejected on their initial attempt.

If you want to save time and have money from the fund coming to you sooner, it might be worth hiring an attorney before you even apply the first time.

However, if you think your case is a very clear one, it might be worth waiting to see if you get a denial before hiring an attorney. If you do get accepted the first time, you’ll have saved yourself the cost of the attorney’s services.

There are pros and cons to both sides of the equation. The best thing you can do is get a sense of how difficult your particular case might be and move from there.

Interview Potential Attorneys

Once you’ve decided when to hire an attorney for your social security case, how do you decide on who the right individual for your case is?

There are a number of questions worth asking before officially hiring someone to represent you during this process.

For example, how long has that attorney been practicing law? How long, specifically, have they worked in the area of social security? The more years of experience an attorney has under their belt, the better prepared they will be to handle your case.

An experienced attorney has likely seen a wide range of scenarios before and will know what strategy will be best for a variety of different cases. They will know the best way to present the facts of your case so as to ensure your acceptance.

They might even have existing relationships with judges or government officials that they can use to your benefit.

There’s also your budget to keep in mind, of course! You will want to hire an attorney that won’t break the bank, especially during this tough financial time. How does the attorney you’re hoping to hire plan on charging you? Some lawyers charge by the hour, others work totally pro-bono. Make sure to ask.

Overall, it’s important to trust your instincts when picking a lawyer out. Working through the social security application process can be long and complicated, and you want to have someone on your side you like and can trust.

Hiring a Social Security Disability Attorney

If you’re preparing to apply for social security, you might want to consider hiring a social security disability attorney. This legal expert will help increase the odds of succeeding in your application process. They can help you get the money you need to get by.

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