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Halt | May 3, 2020 | 0 Comments

Why Is There a High Demand for Lawyers During the Pandemic?

Coronavirus is continuing to affect all aspects of our everyday life. Even businesses we might not think are affected will have issues to overcome. Everyone from politicians like the Russian Prime Minister to your next-door neighbor can be affected.

One area that has been affected is the legal firms but in the right way. In fact, there has been a big demand for lawyers as businesses struggle to get to grips with the rapid changes they are required to implement.

Here’s why are lawyers in demand

1. Legal Advice on How to Treat Employees With Corona Virus

Many employers want to seek advice on how to treat employees with the Corona Virus. This can be a difficult conversation to have with employees and they will want to know what their rights are if they contract the virus or if they feel they are asymptomatic and have to self-isolate.

Employers will want answers to these questions. Employees will want to know if they can ask their employees to work from home if they are asymptomatic and will also want to know whether it’s safe to have them return to the workplace if the city where the company is based is not in lockdown.

Other common questions include whether it’s within an employer’s rights to lay off an employee who has the virus.

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2. Legal Advice on the Economic Depression

The implication of the virus on the economy is stark. Experts predict an economic depression to rival that of the 1930s. Companies that are customer focused will be the most hard hit.

Businesses without a strong cash flow won’t be able to sustain a long lockdown and even businesses with a solid amount of money in the bank will run out eventually if they still have to cover employee wages and overheads.

Companies will want to know whether they are still obliged to cover costs for rent and mortgage payments or whether they can have a payment vacation until the situation is resolved.

3. Advice on Laying Off Staff

Many countries have adopted furlough schemes where the government pays employee wages but in America, this is not the case meaning employers are having to make tough decisions about their workers.

Employers will also want to know their obligations on laying off staff if necessary. Does the crisis mean that employers can terminate contracts early? And do they need to pay redundancy money or are there ways around this? Working lawyers will know the answers.

There’s a Big Demand for Lawyers At the Moment

While many businesses are struggling, business is booming for lawyers at the moment. The crisis has changed the way businesses do business almost overnight.

As a result, employers are eager to consult good lawyers to find out what their rights are in regards to paying their employees and overheads. With the law changing rapidly, lawyers have an important role to play.

Navigating this crisis will be hard but lawyers with expertise in many areas of law will get on fine.

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