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Hernia Mesh Complication Lawsuit- Are You a Victim?

No doubt, you have heard of hernia mesh surgery. However, do you know that there are serious contradictions? Many hernia patients in the USA have had alleged serious complications regarding the use of cheap mesh devices. Still, the number is jaw-dropping.

Those who suffered from serious injuries due to defective devices are practically eligible to fight for compensation. If the situation is severe, and the patient needs additional surgeries, the Hernia mesh surgery lawsuit welcomes you to file your complaint.

What Is A Hernia?


A hernia occurs when the organ protrudes through the layer of muscle in the stomach, creating a bulge. There are several types of hernias –

Abdominal hernia – This type of hernia is hard to heal on its own. A part of an organ or tissue around the abdomen bulges through a weak spot. It is the reason why doctors prescribe surgical procedures.

Inguinal hernia – It is the same as an abdominal hernia, but this time it occurs in the abdominal muscles near the groin area.

Maybe you know that the situation is very painful. It gets worse when you cough and run. Seat on a toilet, push your abdomen, bend over, and lift any object. Abdominal hernias usually do not heal naturally and can lead to health complications. Doctors tend to recommend surgical treatment for hernias. During surgery, doctors use hernia mesh to fix weak tissue.

What Complications Have Occurred With Defective Hernia Mesh Products?

Hernia Mesh Products

If you search online you can get a public safety advisory issued by the FDA. Patients with hernia mesh implants have reported the following complications –

  • Accession
  • Injury to nearby organs
  • Infection
  • Obstruction of the intestines
  • Perforation of internal organs
  • Recurrence of hernia
  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Other severe health conditions include vomiting, nausea, hypertension, confusion, skin issues, etc.

Patients may require another surgery to remove and re-install a new device to treat health contingencies.

Hernia Mesh Lawyers Near You

Hernia Mesh Lawyers

You do not have to know what type of hernia mesh implant was used during your hernia repair surgery. Like many others, if you think that your life is in danger due to device complications, you can file your claim with the help of the best hernia mesh lawyers near you. The legal team will obtain the necessary information to determine the hernia mesh product used by the doctor who performed your surgery.

Being one of the few law firms dealing with hernia mesh lawsuits, we fight for the rights of people in our community, harmed by defective hernia mesh products. You may be entitled to significant compensation if you or someone you know has suffered an injury or complication after hernia surgery.

How It Is Made?

The word “mesh” describes a flat sheet of prosthetic material used to patch or repair a hernia. Although hernia repair does not require the use of mesh, most repairs use mesh to achieve a successful repair. There are many different types of mesh. Some types of hernia mesh are fabricated substances, such as various plastics, while others are made from biological materials such as human tissue, cadaver skin, or pigskin.


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