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Herewith, Thereof, and Herein: Guide to Legal Contract Terms

Hire the Right Kind of Attorney

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  • As a business owner and private citizen, you know that there many specific attorneys in the marketplace.
  • These attorneys’ expertise and specialties parallel that of the attorney’s chosen field.
  • Never would you hire an estate planner to represent you for criminal charges in a serious crime.
  • Make sure you hire an attorney with the right expertise.

Business owners and large corporations hire attorneys all the time to draft specific legal contracts. This particular attorney, known as a Contract Drafting Attorney makes sure that all the right legal language is used to draw up the legal contracts you need. Laypersons reading anything written in legal jargon can confuse the reader, and the context of the document can seem complicated, boring, and not wholly and entirely understandable.

Legal Wording Can Cause Pause and Confusion

Legal Wording Can Cause Pause and Confusion

Many of the traditional words used in legal paperwork, such as contracts, represent old and formal words such as herein and herewith. Nearly all businesses need several types of legal contracts every year. These legal contracts assure growth in the company and an ongoing profit increase.

  1. What do a few of these old and more formal words mean that a business owner may find in a company contract?

These simple words can bring about a mound of confusion and misunderstanding to those who do not fully understand contact jargon. The Contract Drafting Attorney works the right words into every contract to protect the company and owner. This attorney’s responsibility is to make sure all parties clearly and concisely understand what the contract means and says to be fair to all parties.

  • Herewith, along with this
  • Hereby, is a secondary definition of herewith meaning, by means of this
  • Where within or wherewithal supplies a means and purpose
  • Wherein, how
  • Whereby, in which direction
  • Whereto, to what or what place or what end to which
  • Thereof, the thing just mentioned

Contracts need to provide services or goods in some form. Contracts are meant to seal a bond between the vendor, the client, or the business owner. A precisely drawn-up contract assures all parties there are no hidden agendas. Were it not for a precisely drafted contract with the right legal jargon; you may end up facing future conflicts because you did not make rights and obligations clear.

  1. As a business owner who wants to draw up their business contracts, can you be sure that you can draft your contract so that it is fair and just for your business?
  2. Are you confident that there are no jargon, term, or conditions that end up being unfair to your, your business, and your future?

The Contract Drafting Attorney must make sure that documents are perfect by choosing the right drafting of words.

  • It is this attorney who works hard to protect your rights in business.
  • It is these legal contracts that protect your company on all accounts.
  • A Drafting Attorney draws up business contracts to not create for the business owner excess liability, costs, or financial burdens in the future.

In today’s digital technologies, some business owners believe that they can access the internet to help them draw up specific contracts, thus saving the money of hiring a Contract Drafting Attorney. These standardized templates answer the need for business owners who want to draw up their contracts without the help of a Contract Drafting Attorney. However, most of these templates always miss essential and pertinent issues that only a Contact Attorney can fulfill.

There is no template available that can negotiate with clients like this specialized business attorney. Yes, you can save money by drafting contracts yourself. However, if you miss an essential issue or do not word your contract correctly, you stand to lose a lot more money than what you may pay a specialty attorney to do this work for you.

These missed yet pertinent issues can create financial losses for your company. There are many types of business contracts that specific companies require, such as, but not limited to,

  • Dissolution agreements
  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Vendor agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Partnership contracts
  • Franchise agreements
  • Manufacturing contracts
  • Distributor contracts

There are specific terms used in all business contracts, and each contract is different, using different words. However, there are standard terms that a Drafting Attorney uses, such as but not limited to,

  • Duties and obligations off all parties involved
  • Payments and repayment schedules, interests, and late fees
  • Right of each party
  • Dispute resolution
  • Confidentially agreements
  • Limitations on Liability
  • Indemnity clauses

A Call to Action to Assure Your Business the Best Possible Future

A Call to Action to Assure Your Business the Best Possible Future

  • No contract, no matter how small and significant, is not insignificant. Protect yourself and your business investment by never drafting a business contract, unless of course, you are an attorney.
  • Never enter into any contract with any other entity unless you have your Drafting Attorney by your side. This attorney can answer any unique questions, resolve any issues, and make sure your contracts represent your business legally and fairly.
  • Allow us to sort out all the legal contract jargon, such as all the herewith, thereof, and herein words.

Give our legal Contract Drafting Attorneys a call today at 713-352-1863 in Houston, Texas, and let us know what your business needs are. We stand ready to assist you and promise to be by your side with ongoing help understanding contract law.

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