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5 Tips That Will Help You Out For Your Day in Divorce Court

If you are like almost 40% of the population your marriage has met its end in the form of a divorce. These divorce statistics don’t do anything to help you for your day in divorce court though.

When you are faced with being in a courtroom, likely for the first time, you need help getting prepared. We have put together a comprehensive list of the 5 best tips to get yourself ready for your day in court.

Read on and learn more about how you can help your day in court go smoothly

1. Communicate With Your Lawyer

Hiring an experienced divorce lawyer is paramount if you find yourself going through a divorce. They will understand the importance of clear communication. In order to be prepared ask your lawyer exactly what territory will be covered on the day.

Ask questions like the following:

  • Will financials be covered?
  • When do we discuss custody?
  • What will be the outcome of today’s proceedings?
  • Will we go over the residency rights?

These questions will give you a heads-up on what to expect from the day. Be sure to write questions that come to your mind down, that way you can convey them to your lawyer when you are in contact again.

2. Be Mindful of Answering Questions

When you are asked a question do not immediately just right into answering. Take a moment to digest the question and think about your response. Pausing will give you the chance to collect your thoughts and answer correctly and truthfully.

When you do answer a question be straight to the point. Resist any urges to reveal details that do not pertain to the question. Reply as shortly as possible and then stop.

Lawyers will often time use silence as a tactic to get you to keep talking. Do not engage as they may try to trick you into contradicting yourself.

3. Manage Anxiety

Going into divorce court a nervous wreck is not a good look for you and it could make you answer questions incorrectly. Instead, try some techniques starting a week before to help manage your nerves.

Here are some options for you to try:

  • Deep breathing exercises especially in the hour before court begins
  • Exercise beforehand to increase endorphins
  • Meditation
  • Calming supplements
  • Surround yourself with a supportive group
  • Restful sleep

These techniques will help you manage your jitters on the day of court. Be mindful to stay hydrated and get rest the week before so you don’t appear drained.

4. Dress For Success

The courtroom isn’t a place for casual dress. Dressing in the appropriate clothing is a sign of respect and a reflection that you are taking this matter seriously. Make sure that your hair is neatly groomed and that your makeup is modest.

As far as clothing, dress as though you were going to a job interview. Avoid wearing jeans, shorts, or sandals. Another rule of thumb is to avoid dressing in clothes that are above your means. If you are claiming to be unable to make expensive alimony or child support payments you should leave the designer clothing in the closet.

5. Be Aware of Your Body Language

Start practicing your poker face. It’s likely that you will hear things that you don’t agree with or that are simply untrue. An eye roll or scowl can negatively affect the way the judge perceives you.

Try your best to remain neutral in your expressions and body language. This will show respect and self-control.

Preparing For Divorce Court

Heading to divorce court is a tough experience. Using these techniques you can ensure that the day will be more manageable.

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