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Have You Suffered a Personal Injury? What To Do Next

There are a lot of different circumstances that can lead to personal injury. Many of the situations in which injuries occur are the result of someone else’s negligence. If you have been in any type of accident, such as a workplace accident, slip and fall accident, or auto accident, and you were injured, there are some steps you should take to protect yourself and your right to compensation.

Types of Personal Injury Accidents

These steps are necessary for any personal injury accident. There are a number of ways that you might be injured due to someone else’s negligence. Some of the most common personal injury accidents include:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Dog bite attacks
  • Construction site accidents
  • On the job accidents
  • Product malfunction or dangerous manufacture
  • Accidents in retail establishments

If you are every injured due to the negligence of another party, you should take these measures to make sure that you are protected. Your ability to be compensated for your injuries depends on the steps you take when the accident first occurs.

Seek Medical Attention

Even if you think that your injuries are minor, you should seek medical attention immediately after any accident resulting in personal injury. Some injuries are worse than they first appear. If you do not seek treatment immediately, it could be argued later that your injuries were caused by something else. Seeking immediate treatment is important for building your case to be compensated for your injuries.

If you are restricted on your work duties or given limitations of any kind due to your injuries, you should be sure to follow them. Make sure that you attend any follow up treatment as well. Even if you start feeling better, you need to follow up and make sure you are following your doctor’s orders. Not only could you injure yourself again by ignoring restrictions, but you could put your ability to be compensated for your injuries in jeopardy.

Don’t Sign Anything

Insurance companies, whether it is car insurance, homeowner’s insurance, or worker’s compensation insurance, are in the business of protecting their profits. They will try to settle with you for the lowest amount they think you will agree to. This may not cover all of your medical treatments and losses due to your injuries. Before signing anything, you should make sure that you understand fully what compensation you are receiving. Once you sign or cash the check, you will be unable to get any additional compensation.

Contact an Attorney

The first thing you should do in any personal injury accident is contact an attorney. You will need someone fighting on your side to negotiate with the negligent party and their insurance carriers, if any. An attorney will be able to fully understand the scope of your losses and what compensation you are entitled to. You will fare much better if you talk to an attorney before discussing the accident with the negligent party or their representatives. Let the lawyer negotiate and discuss the case with them on your behalf for the best chances at receiving the full compensation that you deserve.


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