Indiana dui laws
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Have You Been Drinking: Indiana DUI Laws

It is crucial to understand the repercussions of drunk driving. You also need to weigh the benefits and the consequences of legal alcohol limit Indiana DUI laws and trail. Though I purport, there are no benefits of taking alcohol. There is a need for a person to think if it is worth driving while drunk.

Legal Alcohol Limit Indiana

It needs to be clear that you don’t need the looming Indiana DUI threats to keep you from driving while drunk. But, if you get yourself in such a fix, legal alcohol limit Indiana DUI laws are ready to deal with you in that case. The rules intend to punish drunk drivers and keep people away from committing this crime again.

Operating While Drunk

Legal alcohol limit Indiana DUI laws regulations also apply to individuals who might have drugs in their systems. There is a possibility of street drugs or prescriptions to get you intoxicated. This will in-turn have adverse effects on your potential to drive.

Taking the wheel under alcohol influence, Indiana calls this “Operating While Intoxicated.” Jurisdiction of Indiana laws is not limited to automotive operation. It also applies to boat navigation.

Legal Extents

People have different reactions to the consumption of alcohol. For that reason, most of the state’s examines an individual’s blood-alcohol concentration (BAC). This is to find out the inebriation serenity.

In Indiana, if your BAC gets to 0.08% mark, the jury needs no extra evidence to find you guilty of drunk drinking. That means you will receive charges of OWI. Be sure to contact a defense lawyer in case you are arrested.

The legal drinking age in Indiana is 21 years old. If you are below this age, your BAC should not go beyond the 0.02% level. The policy is known as “zero tolerance law.” The law can still find you guilty of drunk driving even if you’re underage. Despite taking alcohol and not feeling drunk.

Getting Pulled Over

If the law enforcer suspects you of being drunk, they will give you a test to see the alcohol levels in the system. The examination measures your blood, breathing, or body waste. In Indiana, the law-enforcer decides the type of test you need to go through. You are not supposed to consult your attorney before taking the test.

Indiana DUI Penalties

If you are above the legal drinking age, once they find you guilty of OWI, you risk facing license suspension for two to three years. You’ll also have your driving permit put on administrative break for about six months.

The basic rule is that drunk driving is punishable by Indiana laws. If your BAC is between 0.08% to 0.15% or you have been using drugs, you’ll be guilty of Class C misdemeanor. The crime is punishable by serving 60 days of jail time and a fine of close to $500.

Being a first-time offender will result in having your license suspended. You’ll also receive an interlock gadget put in your vehicle to help examine BAC levels before starting the car engine.

Habitual Offenders

In Indiana, DUI penalties will get worse for persons who have been found guilty several times for OWI. Having 2 OWI offenses within ten years, you’ll lose your license for a decade. You risk having your license nullified for not following the Indiana DWI laws thrice or four times.

Indiana DUI Laws

Penalties upon conviction are quite severe, and there is a need to think twice about OWI. You will need the help of a lawyer if you’re found guilty of breaking the Indiana DUI laws. Do not drink and drive.

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