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When Is It a Good Idea for My Aging Parents to Stop Driving?

Did you know that in 2017 over 7,000 drivers that were 65+ years old died in a motor vehicle accident? If you are currently going through that time in your life where you are questioning whether your aging parents should stop driving or not, we are here to help.

Keep reading for a few signs that it might be time for them to stop driving altogether and instead have friends and family drive them around.

Signs to Stop Driving

Everyone ages differently and some people might experience more debilitating issues than others. A few signs to look out for include, driving too slowly, sudden vision impairment, hearing impairments, having mini fender benders, and running through stoplights.

Other more debilitating signs are if your parents recently had a stroke, or they are taking medications that might impair their ability to drive.

If your parent has recently been involved in a bad car accident where they need an attorney such as David W. Starnes Attorney At Law it might also be a sign that it is time to stop driving.

Another major sign is if your parent has reached the age of 85. Around that age, even healthy people will have a much slower reaction time and it is harder to see and hear clearly.

Adjusting to Not Driving

If your parents have been driving their whole lives they might be a bit stubborn or adamant about giving up their driving license. To make the transition easier you can help them with delivery services for meals, groceries, and even medications.

You can also talk to family and friends and ask them about setting some time aside to drive your parents to the places they need to go when you are not around. You can also look into elder care services in your local area that provide transportation to the elderly.

If you live in a bigger city they might offer public transportation that you can help your parents adapt to the buses or trains they would have to take if the need arises. Also thanks to services like Uber and Lyft you can set up rides for your parent or parents and pay for them if you wish.

Having the Talk

When you first bring up the idea of them not driving anymore, it is best to lead the conversation with compassion. They might feel like they are losing their personal freedom and they might even get angry with you.

You want to make sure that you end the conversation with the feeling that you both made the decision together instead of them being forced to give up driving.

Ready to Have the Talk?

Now that you have the top signs to keep an eye out for when it comes to your elderly parent to stop driving, you can evaluate whether or not it might be time to have this difficult discussion with your loved one. If it is time for them to stop remember to show them that you are coming from a place of care and love.

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