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Getting Legal Advice Is Easier Than Ever And Here’s Why

Legal proceedings can be very daunting, they can require a lot of time, effort, and in some cases, money too. So you’ve found yourself in a bit of a pickle, you may be facing court proceedings or other legal matters as a result. Like many people, you might be lost as to how and where you should even begin to resolve the issue(s) you are facing.

For decades, seeking legal advice was usually very tiresome although these days, getting legal advice is easier than ever. There are loads of different options to cater to peoples’ legal needs and some options can even be free and remote!

Here Are Some Options To Help You Get The Legal Advice You Seek

Schedule A Free Consultation

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Though attorneys will usually charge clients for their time, some attorneys may offer free legal consultations. These consultations usually last between 10 and 60 minutes, during which they will advise you on any legal issues you are facing. Any additional consultations after a free one will almost always come with a price.

In a free consultation, you may not be able to get all the advice you seek depending on the duration though you will almost definitely get the basic information you need. Even if a law firm or attorney does not advertise that they offer free consultations, you’ve got nothing to lose by giving them a call or contacting them online to ask if it’s an option.

Look Into Federally Funded Aid Programs

Legal aid programs which operate on federal grants, employ attorneys and paralegals to offer services free of charge to eligible people. These programs usually cater to vulnerable or lower-income citizens, giving them access to the justice they are seeking.

Though many of these programs have pre-requisite conditions, some are more lenient than others and most will offer free advice, even if they can’t give you the entirety of the services they can provide. So it’s worth looking into what programs are offered in your state or city.

Call A Legal Aid Hotline

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Legal aid hotlines provide advice for all sorts of issues or disputes. In some cases, the advice offered is free, but even when a charge is applied they tend to be far lower than other sources of legal advice. This way, you can be advised and get all your legal questions answered from the comfort of your own home. You surely have many legal questions in mind and asking the right lawyers will make things a little lighter. Hence avoiding the hassle of visiting professionals in person and scheduling appointments.

Another great aspect of legal aid hotlines is that they often operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This gives you access to the advice you seek, whenever it may be as opposed to when a law firm or attorney can be available to accommodate your request.

Search For A Law School Clinic

An often overlooked option for getting legal advice is through a local law school. Many law schools operate legal clinics, so they can grant their students an opportunity to gain relevant experience whilst they are completing their qualifications. Though they mainly focus on people who are of a lower income, clinics tend to cater to most cases regardless of a person’s background or income.

The advice you can get at these clinics is usually offered by students who are not themselves licensed but are heavily supervised by qualified and experienced professionals who ensure that all advice given is correct and adequate. These clinics, like many of the services previously mentioned, usually operate free of charge.

Access ‘Ask A Lawyer Resources

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‘Ask a Lawyer’ resources come in many different forms, both online and in person. Many county and state bar associations, as well as legal aid institutions, host regular ‘Ask a Lawyer’ events. Anyone can attend and is allowed to get a one-on-one consultation with a volunteer attorney.

There are also thousands of online services and blogs, some offering knowledge and others offering the same ‘Ask a Lawyer’ services like the aforementioned events. Though with these kinds of websites you’ll want to make sure that you choose a credible site, one with evidence of positive client reviews and outcomes. Both the events and online resources are almost always free of charge, making it one of the easiest and most accessible options for getting legal advice.

Regardless of which one of these easy methods mentioned, you choose to opt for, it’s important to remember that laws vary between cities and states. So be sure to choose a service or individual that is experienced in your local laws and regulations to avoid any misdirection or incorrect advice being given to you.

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