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Gather Evidence To Reinforce Your Compensation Claim For Personal Injury

To lodge a claim for personal injury, whether it is due to accident, slip and fall, dog bite, or any other incident, you must know the scope of the law that establishes your legal rights. First, you must be clear whether you have a case that merits filing a compensation claim. Second, to ascertain the prospects of obtaining compensation for personal injury, you must be aware of the steps to follow, which begins by appointing a Halifax personal injury lawyer and discussing the incident in detail to enable the lawyer to understand the merit of the case.

The sooner you contact the lawyer after the accident better it is because the first few days after the accident are critical to construct the events in proper sequence and gather evidence for using it at the right time to bolster the claim.

Why are facts and evidence so important?

The facts about the events arranged in a sequence that describes how the accident took place help the lawyer to establish the case supported by solid evidence so that it is impossible to refute the claim. It is not just enough to build a strong case. Still, the evidence gathered from the spot of the accident, including the statements of witnesses, helps to prove unequivocally that the other party was at fault and caused the accident.

Follow these steps to start gathering evidence as soon as you recover from the initial shock of the accident.

Take notes

Gather Evidence To Reinforce Your Compensation Claim For Personal Injury

Since it is difficult to remember all details about the accident, start taking notes to record every important detail about the accident, including the damage and injury undergone and how it affected your life. Keep up with the habit of taking notes as the case progresses, and you interact with various people like doctors and healthcare professionals, lawyers, and insurance companies.

Preserve evidence

Maintain a proper record of evidence gathered from the spot and other sources. Take plenty of photographs of the accident site, including the damaged cars, property, injured persons and the surroundings, and the traffic signal nearby. Preserve all documents, including the transcript of the conversations with the witnesses, letters from insurance companies, medical report and everything else related to the accident and injury,

Collect a police report

Constitutes Damages For Personal Injury Cases

Soon after the vehicle accident that you were involved in, call the police to record the facts officially. The police would be arriving anyway, even if you do not report the incident, but it is better to ensure that they come to the spot soon. Obtain a copy of the police report, which, despite not being admissible in the court proceeding for personal injury, should help to negotiate for a better settlement as these are official facts.

Gather all medical records

Injury Settlement Case

Gather your medical records from any healthcare provider as it is obligatory on their part to provide them according to the HIPAA laws.  Submit a Medical Record Request to obtain the record and forgetting any third party reports referred in the record, get a copy from the respective sources by writing to them,

The success of receiving adequate compensation depends on establishing the other party’s fault with the help of evidence.

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